Video Editing Tools: The great industrialization and technological boom in the world have given birth to digital marketing. Digital marketing is the easiest way to market your products and compete.

Additionally, it is highly beneficial for any firm, whether big or small. It is an excellent form of marketing to present your product by advertisement in the digital world with a vast audience.

And as Digital Marketing is an umbrella term, there are many subcategories, and one of them is Video Marketing.

Video Marketing is another glorifying technique of marketing where the ads are in the form of videos. Whether you’re a startup or a big organization, video marketing can help you fetch some extra profit without any trouble. You can promote your product or brand just by sitting in the comfort of your cabin.

There are several videographers that one can hire to make a super adorable video for their product.

What about the entrepreneurs who can’t afford these heavy creators or don’t have that much capital to pay them? They want to do it by themselves, but lack of software and editing knowledge sucks.

And if you’re one of them then, this is for you because here we are presenting the eight most accessible and video editing tools that are easy, simple, and at the same time professional to use.

1. InVideo

InVideo is one of the most popular and most accessible video tools when it comes to marketing. This online video editor lets you edit in high definition with special effects. As the tool runs online on a browser, no download is required. Just visit its official website, load the editor and your editing interface is ready to import your elements or use their media from the library.

Along with these, they have a vast list of transitions and effects that always make the video look professional and unique. Power transition, effects, multi-layering, background remover are some of the features that make this one tops the list.

2. Pinnacle studio

Pinnacle studio helps you edit like a pro provided you own a powerful¬†computer for video editing. It is suited for both beginners and experts. And the best part is, you can make your custom transition in the software, which can make your piece unique, and you’ll get a definition for your style.

Most importantly, this offline editor has a transition that helps a lot in promotional videos as there are many slides, and every time the frame changes, you should add some growth to make it look good and smooth. Keyframing, color grading, background blur, cloning objects are just some starting advantages of the software.

3. Final cut pro

Most of you would know that Final cut pro is a highly optimized video editor for MacBook, iMacs, and other apple products. As the product tagline goes, it has all the tools you need from start to finish.

The interface is quite simple but professional, and features like motion graphics, 2.7x fast rendering speed, organized workspace, and other fantastic qualities improve the user experience and help you deliver the masterpiece that you always deserve. However, the software is paid like the two above and is only available for mac users, and does not support windows.

4. Shakr

It is the best software for those who don’t want any hassle to make their marketing video. Shakr allows you to import your images and other elements to their motion graphic templates which professionals created. It is just like personalizing their pre-created template and using it for your marketing purposes.

And if we talk about the quality of the motion graphics, it is simply top-notched, looks professional. You can also get a free trial for a month, and the pricing is affordable, which is 9.99 USD per month.

5. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is the most renowned software in the video editing industry. This editor is used mainly by professionals like content creators, videographers, and highly skilled editors. Filmora makes even the most complicated touches easy and is highly time-efficient. On the other hand, audio fading is a remarkable advantage of this software. You can easily and quickly fade the audio so that your dialogue stands out.

At the same time, the color match helps you maintain the color grading while editing and keyboard shortcuts make this process too fast. These are small features but give a video an appealing touch and help to create expert-level videos.

6. Quik by GoPro

This one is the most exciting editor on the list as it also works on mobile phones, both Android and IOS. And as the title suggests, this app is used for editing videos but is optimized for GoPro. Although one can also edit other videos, you will be able to unlock some features like wireless transferring of videos if you use it with GoPro.

You can also use your mobile as a controller through this app. It supports a PC editor’s features like slow motion, time frame, cutting and trimming, filters, and many more.

And the best part is you can edit your videos on the go. No matter if you’re at the coffee shop or the airport waiting for your flight, you can edit your videos for marketing anytime, anywhere.

7. Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is for video marketers who want their sales to be skyrocketed. This video editing software contains a library of HD videos and other free elements to use in your videos.

You can easily edit your videos, and if you don’t want to start from scratch, choose a template from their library and edit accordingly. This simple editing platform helps you to turn your ideas and content into videos effortlessly. Apart from that, features like voice-over and branding advantages make it at least a consideration while choosing editing software for you.

8. Biteable

The name is quite weird, but the software is not. This software helps you to create your videos in just a snap. It is also helpful for someone who has zero experience in the video industry. The process is too simple; all you need to do is -;

Visit the website and open the editor. Then select the template; if you want to add something from your side, you can. Now, edit like changing the text, font, color, and other dozens of customizations that you can do. And that’s all! Export it and post it to your marketing campaign.

You can easily make that template look too suitable for you that anyone can say that the template was made for you. Hence, there is a lot to personalize.

9.Roadmap Template

Our construction roadmap template is ideal for a wide range of management tasks and functions, whether on civil engineering or home construction projects. Reliable enough for seasoned construction managers in the construction industry, yet intuitive enough for small business teams to use.


So, these were some most accessible editing software that you can use to make videos for your next digital marketing campaign. They all are of one type, i.e., “Just plug and play.” There is nothing to learn in this software; you can quickly reflect your ideas and intention behind your product through the videos edited by this software rapidly and clearly.

And make that sale’s graph will touch the sky.

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