At our plant in Bristol, ERREKA specializes in the design and production of automatic doors and shopfronts that are internally created. We manufacture automatic sliding, swing, and revolving doors to save energy, increase accessibility, and improve traffic flow to your location.

Indeed, ERREKA is one of the top brands in the UK for automatic doors and custom shopfront solutions. Moreover,  ERREKA is also competent in aluminium and steel fire exit doors.

Our online trade counter allows customers to access the installation and supply-only services ERREKA offers. For all parts and accessories for ERREKA automatic door openers, the Online Trade Counter offers next-day delivery (UK).

So please get in touch with our staff if you need advice identifying the best course of action on 01275 871787.

All the advantages of installing automatic doors

What are the advantages of installing automatic doors?  Well, we have to tell you that many. They offer you greater comfort and safety. Automatic doors have the technology to prevent accidents.

There is also a vast catalog that will even improve the aesthetics of your home or business. Do you have to worry about its price and its maintenance? The truth is that no. And in the following few lines, we will count all the advantages of placing them. So let’s go there.

1. Automatic doors for your comfort

The first point we want to highlight is that they offer much comfort.  You arrive with your car at your car park, and just by pressing the button on the remote control, you will enter with your vehicle. Garage doors are a great example of this.

No need for you to get off. This is especially useful because it also protects you from bad weather.  You will not have to endure the heat of summer or the cold of winter. And let’s not say anything anymore if it’s raining buckets.

Forget traditional doors and install automatic garage doors now. To this advantage, we also have to add that you will save a lot of time.

2. For your safety, also install automatic doors

By not having to get out of your car,  you avoid being the victim of a robbery at the doors of your home. You will not have to abandon your vehicle at any time, and you will also protect it from thieves who wait for the slightest carelessness of the driver to take it away.

Automatic garage doors are great for avoiding these off-flavors. And they are also for your home if, for example, you live in a villa in urbanization.

And it is not strange that practically all businesses are changing their doors for automatic ones. There is an ideal solution for shops and extensive commercial areas such as sliding glass doors, also called closed glass doors.

Do not hesitate, and they act as authentic armored doors. You see that there are solutions and automation for interior and exterior doors.

3. For aesthetics, an automatic door

Forget aesthetics. Currently, countless models are sure to adapt to the facade of your building, the front door of your villa, or urbanization.

Of course, if you are a merchant, you will also find multiple solutions that will make the entrance of your customers to your establishment more pleasant.

You can look at the catalog of automatic doors in our online store and see how you find the right door. In addition, at ERREKA, we manufacture your door to measure.

4. Automatic doors to prevent accidents

We want to return to the safety issue because our automatic doors have all the necessary mechanisms to avoid accidents.

The remote control, which has random codes, prevents someone else from having the same code or copying it to the door.

These are equipped with photocells and sensors that detect any obstacle. Imagine an automatic door closing, and a clueless child walks by. Thanks to this technology, this child will never suffer any harm. Believe us when we tell you that it is easier to avoid accidents with automatic doors than with traditional doors.

Automatic garage doors can also be equipped with lights that indicate they are opening or closing. It is another security system they incorporate, which is very useful in avoiding accidents.

5. Is the maintenance of automatic doors expensive?

Not at all. If you are worried about its maintenance, we can already tell you to forget about it. Once installed and made the initial investment, you will not have to do anything else. And the time to amortize said investment is short. The truth is that you only have to worry about whether your remote control has batteries.

Automatic Door Installation Types

1. Aluminium doors installation

Erreka provides a comprehensive aluminium doors installation service catered to our customer’s requirements. We do an on-site examination before installing our aluminium doors to ensure the proposed system will function as anticipated and prevent potential issues during installation.

automatic doors

2. Aluminium Shopfronts

Aluminium storefronts by ERREKA have sleek, contemporary designs that complement the storefront and draw customers in.

Our aluminium shopfronts come with factory-applied powder coatings in more than 200 RAL colors and standard British palettes, clear or tinted glazing, laminated glass, custom-made handles, and more.

automatic doors

3. Automatic Sliding Doors

One of the UK’s top manufacturers of automatic sliding doors is Erreka. We are automatic system producers and installers.

Furthermore, our automatic sliding doors can accommodate a wide range of commercial, industrial, and retail applications.

automatic doors

4. Automatic Swing Doors Installation

Automatic swing doors have many uses but are particularly effective as private or public access points for people with disabilities or in locations with high traffic and constrained space.

automatic doors

5. Revolving door

The most discerning architects can have their needs met by Automatic Revolving Doors. The outside of the ERREKA BIRA range is beautiful, designed to awe visitors even before they enter the structure.

automatic doors

Could you install your automatic door?

Yes, we will bring it to your residence. However, if you want us to install it for you, get in touch with us, and one of our teams will visit your home or place of business. You can enter our online store, select the door, enter the measurements, and decide which door best meets your requirements. And you may set them up on your own.

Don’t hold off any longer. So install automatic gates. All of their benefits have been made clear to you. But if you have any further inquiries, please contact us.

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