In this era of enhanced technological development, it is apparent that it will reach the classrooms as well to make it better. Rapid changes are coming in the educational system and newer ways of teaching are taking their place. A few examples of new things for learning we have in modern classrooms, that we owe completely to technology are blended learning, connectivity, mobile learning, etc. It is important for the kids to become familiar with those.

While online learning is taking up the center stage of the education system, technological advancements have become even more crucial. Right from one’s living room, one can learn almost anything online. Famous online learning platforms use their advanced software for teaching the students better, and teachers have also adopted it. For instance, remote learning incorporates tutors for conversational sessions, quizzes, and games for making their subjects easier for the students to understand. In this article, we are going to discuss the most popular uses of new technology in modern classrooms.

#1 Projectors

We can not say that projectors are a new technology, but their use in classrooms is a new idea for sure, especially to project multimedia presentations or lecture notes. However, much more can be done with it. They can be easily hooked in a corner of the classroom, facing a screen where the images can be displayed.

#2 Smartboards

The use of traditional blackboards had its disadvantages over the years. And now, they are slowly getting replaced. The difference in technology has also crept into smartboards as well. Some of them can be used just as a primitive blackboard to write on them with digital markers. Whatever is written on a smartboard can be recorded for later use. And in some smartboards, there is a wide range of tools that can be used by tutors while teaching. It is evident that within a few years, smartboards will surpass the present ones in terms of technology.

#3 Smart Tables

Smartboards are mainly used by teachers. Smart tables are for the students. They are lesser-known than the former one but it is becoming a very useful tool in classrooms around the world. The main function of these tables is to gather information from the board or the wall to a digital table for students. The modern touch tables can handle up to 40-50 touch points at a time. This is undoubtedly a fun object for children to learn better.

#4 Electronic Gadgets such as Smartphones, Computers, and Tablets

The use of various kinds of electronic gadgets in modern education has become very common in the modern education system. Mainly in developed countries, the use of a computer for better learning is familiar. For portability purposes, the use of tablets and smartphones has also expanded.

Leaving aside online learning where having gadgets is so important, the use of them in physical classrooms can not be refuted.

For attaining video lectures, these gadgets are used. The internet has become a huge part of our knowledge with that a student can easily have access to it.

#5 Cameras

Having a camera is as important for the students as getting access to the internet. Often, they come already installed with their laptops, smartphones, and other tools.

For attaining online classrooms in different online learning platforms, the camera becomes extremely significant.

If we talk about even more technologically advanced classrooms, they use high-quality cameras attached to their smartboards and projectors, which opens up a wider spectrum of education and classroom experience to the students. Cameras also keep a video record of the previous class sessions, so that students can use them again later.

#6 Digital Textbooks

Digital textbooks are becoming a must in all classrooms for technologically advanced countries. Using digital textbooks cuts the expenses of manual textbooks.

Talking about the United States alone, schools and universities had started to install “open source” digital textbooks in all their classrooms, replacing the traditional paper-made textbooks. The most prominent advances of digital textbooks are that students are not entitled to the huge expenses of physical textbooks and on top of that, they are free from carrying those heavy loads of books every day for their classes.

Our Final Words

These were our five most well-known uses of technology in modern classrooms. Along with the boon that it has bestowed upon children, it is also true that technologies so advanced will take a lot of time to be available in classrooms all around the world. Especially, in third-world countries, a matter of inconsistency in learning may arise compared to the digitally advanced countries. However, a change in the primitive structure of education is being observed and it has started to gain recognition among students and teachers all over the world.

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