PDF documents contain an enormous number of redundant and irrelevant pages that only add to the PDF bloat. You can have 500 pages in your PDF, yet you only need 30 of them to work with. These extra pages and bloat can be pretty frustrating for general digital users. Aside from that, the more pages you have, the more likely it is that you will exceed file limits.

If you want to submit someone a file, consider deleting any unnecessary pages in your PDF document. Thanks to the versatility of online PDF tools, there are numerous options that you can try to improve the file’s content and reduce its size. But, before you dive into the tutorials, take a look at the advantages that you will get once you decide to remove pages from a PDF.

The Significance of Deleting Unwanted Pages from PDF

As previously mentioned, sharing a PDF file with long pages to others can be challenging to handle, regardless of whether you are sending or receiving the file. If you share a large copy via email as the sender, it will inevitably complicate your workflow efficiency. As a result, the file can take a long time to upload or even surpass the file size limit.

However, if you decide to delete pages from PDF that you believe are unnecessary or that you no longer want to include, this could lead to:

  • seamless file sharing process due to smaller PDF file size
  • quicker and more efficient data analysis
  • more memory or file storage on your mobile device, USB, or personal computer

Clearing Out Unnecessary Pages Through GoGoPDF’s Deletion Tool

The massive growth of technology has resulted in a situation in which it is difficult to find a dependable tool with no limitations on its features. Luckily, the existence of GoGoPDF has had a significant impact in resolving a variety of file-related issues. The main points include deleting out-of-date pages, sorting through essential data, and organizing them.

To give you an example of how simple GoGoPDF’s procedure is, here are the detailed four-step guides that you should follow when removing PDF pages using its online deletion tool:

  1. The simplest way to remove excessive pages from a PDF file is to run the GoGoPDF application by visiting the official website. Then, locate the Delete PDF Pages tool and submit the selected files to the site’s server.
  2. After that, pick out the page or specific section from which you want it extracted from your current PDF document. After the sufficient upload, you can sort and reorder the PDF file pages in portrait or landscape mode, depending on what suits your style.
  3. After several modifications, you must tap the “Apply Changes” button. Before moving on to the last guide, wait patiently for the platform to process and review your PDF alterations.
  4. Lastly, once you have successfully eliminated the irrelevant pages, the website will provide a download link to save your newly modified file. For future reference, store the PDFs on your Google Drive or Dropbox account or, for maximum storage, share them via email.

What Makes GoGoPDF An Overall Remarkable Tool?

If you need to delete pages quickly before forwarding them to others, you can do so without encountering any problems. GoGoPDF will not allow you to receive unfavorable results. Instead, they will make sure that high-quality outcomes are served to the users. In addition to offering a quick process, the site also guarantees that the original quality will be maintained.

Along with that, GoGoPDF’s 128-AES encryption standard, which is almost impossible to crack, ensures the file contents are highly protected and confidential for optimum security. When you use the website’s features, you can also set a potential restriction on sharing and access to your documents so that no one can manipulate your PDF files.

Be a Premium Member of GoGoPDF

Although GoGoPDF provides a free trial period to new users, it is nevertheless worthwhile to upgrade to a premium membership because of the additional benefits. If you want to become a premium user, you will have unrestricted access to all of the website’s advanced features without the fear of being constrained. You will also be exposed to a series of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) activities.


It can be challenging to delete pages that contain irrelevant information. However, with the proper use of online resources, this time-consuming process can be completed in a matter of seconds. Hence, if you require the assistance of GoGoPDF, this tool is always available anytime and anywhere you want.

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