Smart Home – Controlling your home at the click of a button is possible, and these products prove it. Streamlining specific household tasks and reducing energy are some of its benefits.

The future of homes is smart. Renovation your house into a Smart Home is more open than it seems. From blinds raised and lowered through the mobile, through locks that unlocked with a code, to refrigerators with a voice assistant to regulate the temperature or know the status of your food, everything you imagine and what you don’t is available in today’s market.

Technology helps to simplify tasks, but also to save energy, something essential in these times. Next, we collect some of the devices to start transforming your home into a more comfortable and safe space.

LG SIGNATURE LSR100 Refrigerator one of the Devices Helps to Turn into Smart Home

To make life more comfortable, intelligent systems even reach household appliances, as is the case with this refrigerator. The LG Signature LSR100 with Door in Door Instaview door is everything you need to take the first step to a smart kitchen.

First of all, it has a tempered glass door that allows you to see the food without opening the refrigerator. It is only necessary to give two quick blows to see the interior, saving energy and preventing you from losing the cold. Furthermore, the doors can open automatically by bringing the foot closer to the bottom. Lastly, it offers voice control via Google Assistant for things like regulating the temperature.

Smart Home

August WiFi Smart Lock

Feeling safe at home is essential. For this, there are smart locks like this August model and having armored doors or security cameras. With this lock, you will lock and unlock the door remotely, verify its status, and even give a virtual guest key to friends or family.

It can control either by voice system or by an app and compatible with iOS and Android. It does not require additional hardware to connect to the WiFi and has an automatic block.

Nanoleaf Smart Lights

Yes, having smart bulbs that are turned on and paid for from the mobile is excellent, but having LED panels that also serve as decoration is the best. Nanoleaf offers different murals with square, triangular, and even hexagonal shapes.

These pieces can controlled through an app or even by hand, and you can turn them on and off to synchronize them with music and video games so that it lights up following the rhythm. It has more than 16 million colors.

Smart Home

Honeywell Home T6 Thermostat also Aids to Turn into Smart Home

Always having the ideal temperature at home is a luxury. The Honeywell Home T6 reaches the desired degrees, making estimation by the user unnecessary. Plus, it adapts to your lifestyle and knows when you’re away from home, saving energy. Thanks to the GPS, it can also learn when you are coming home to regulate the temperature, offering maximum user comfort. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and IFTTT.

Honeywell Home T6 Thermostat

Bowers & Wilkins Smart Speaker

In enhancement to obtaining a decorative element of any space, the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex loudspeaker is an immersive wireless audio system for the whole house. It offers stereophonic audio streaming with 24-bit / 96 kHz resolution and is compatible with all devices.

Somfy Blind Motorization Kit for Smart Home

The RMS Kit 1000 Somfy motorization is intended both for new installations and modernizing existing mechanical shutters a. With a motor integrated directly into the tube, traditional blinds can transform into motorized ones. The kit includes a command that allows remote control of the engine. Thus, you will be able to wake up and open the blinds to let in the light or close them once you go to bed without getting out of bed.

Tanita RD-953 Smart Scale

With a futuristic design, the Tanita RD-953 scale is an essential element in the bathroom of athletes. And those looking to control their weight. So this firm characterized by offering metrics with a precision that reaches a medical level. Also, from an app, you will know your value and your body fat, muscle mass, BMI, basal metabolism, and other data that will allow you to control your changes from your app.

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