8 Genius MSP Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business

Choosing a new MSP company to take care of pre-existing or new IT needs can be time-consuming and challenging due to the complexity and high costs of such services.

That’s why most MSP companies experience low churn and some of the highest B2B customer lifetime values. It’s not easy to choose a new Managed Service Provider. Whether that’s for a new business or for a business that’s on the market looking to switch away from its current MSP.

You might find that bringing in good clients is hard too! Here are some MSP marketing ideas to make finding you easier for your potential clients.

Google Maps Ads

A potential client’s search for “IT Services” on Google Maps may bring them right to your MSP business profile. When the term “IT Services” is input into the search bar, results appear on a map as well as in the search results list. These advertisements also include driving directions to your office location and phone CTAs on mobile devices.

Emergency Keywords

A couple of months ago, my boss found himself googling “emergency data backup attack” at 6 AM.

Consider bidding on phrases like “emergency” or “urgent.” This is an easy approach to acquiring clients with pressing problems and strong intentions; imagine the return on investment for those keywords! However, make sure your MSP company can handle emergency cases, or you may risk a poor Google rating.

Referral Bonuses

Tapfluence and Influitive report that 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source. Encourage people to make recommendations! Referral bonuses may be used to maintain current customers and expand your business reach. To make it simple, offer out business referral cards to your clients or leave them in any correspondence you send.

Video Marketing

Don’t pass up the opportunity! Video with actual people from your company can help you create a personal connection with your prospects, which may lead to trust, recommendations, and additional sales opportunities.


According to research conducted in 2014, 88% of customers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations. I can’t emphasize enough how essential Yelp is—claim your business! People are already leaving comments about your company, which should be addressed and verified for accuracy. One of the first places consumers look for a good MSP company is Yelp.

Remarketing Ads

“Easy money” is a phrase that remarketing is sometimes compared to. Remarketing ads allow you to reach people who have browsed your website but haven’t taken any action. Retargeting ads are tailored advertising designed to re-engage those potential customers.

Direct Mail

The days of using postcard advertisements to stuff mailboxes are not over. Direct marketing, especially for baby boomers, is still effective, and it’s a fantastic way to exhibit your area of expertise or competitive price points.

Local Events

As a teen, I was on a recreational basketball team sponsored by a local company that provided our players with team jerseys imprinted with the business’s logo. This gets your company in front of parents with small children, but it also helps expose your MSP to other business owners who may need your services.

These are just a few of the MSP marketing ideas that can help you grow your business. Do some research and try a couple of new marketing tactics to see what works best for you! And if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to chat about MSP marketing!

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