The internet was initially created to establish a greater communication path and a space where people could learn free of restrictions. However, with passing time, different countries have put some restrictions on the use of the internet.

While a part of the world is protesting against restricting some free content, some are actually supporting all those restrictions. That is why we are developing new ways to access all the restricted content from the internet.

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7 Current And Important Issues Around Internet Censorship

A debate is still going on globally around internet censorship. A number of countries are becoming more strict and rigid about the usage of the internet and accessing certain types of content.

Here, in this article, we will talk about some current and important issues around internet censorship.

Issue 1: Cyber-bullying

Bullying has also become digital now when we are shifting almost everything to the digital world. Several cyber platforms, especially social media platforms, are offering individuals to express their thoughts and opinions.

But in reality, some are using them for attacking individuals with negative comments. Often they are intentional and repetitive. That is why several online platforms are restricting and also blocking those types of content.

Issue 2: Cyber-sexualism

Just like cyber-bullying, the number of cyber-sexism or sexual harassment also has a lot of instances. Cyber sexualism can be of different types. Surveys have revealed that a considerable number of people receive sexually explicit emails in the workplace.

The other forms include sexual harassment incidents with women through social media messages and comments. There are also several social media pages that use posed photos of young girls from their profiles.

Issue 3: Cyber-racism

When it comes to cyber-racism, you will find a lot of examples on social media platforms. In most cases, social media platforms are being used to attack individuals of a particular race. We all know very well how racism can affect an individual’s life.

There is no difference between real-life racism and cyber racism. People might find virtual racism as offensive as real-life racism. Blocking these types of cyber racism is necessary.

Issue 4: Cyber-homophobia

In recent years, homophobic cyber-bullying has greatly increased with the growth of online social networking tools. In order to restrict them, a homophobic language ‘audit tools’ has also been developed, which measures in real-time, every time some particular, homophobic words will be used on Twitter.

This way, users can be measured in real-time, and also a record will be kept. As per the audit tool, the usage of casual homophobic words is becoming really common on Twitter.

Issue 5: Strict Censorship

As we have mentioned earlier, the internet was developed to help people learn and access almost anything and everything. The content on the internet should be free, as per some audiences.

At the same time, several countries are imposing strict regulations or even bans on some particular platforms which offer free media content.

Issue 6: Cyber-violence

Cyber violence is another thing that is affecting the younger generation more than others. As social media platforms offer the opportunity to promote any type of content, some are using them to promote hatred and violence.

It is being done by posting and sharing violent videos, which are not also being suspended by more advanced tools on social media platforms.

Issue 7: Restricted Accessibility

Some countries not only restrict some harmful content and usage of the internet. At the same time, they are actually regulating the usage of the internet, as the citizens are able to post any comment of their views against the government.

Governments and ISPs are restricting the accessibility and availability of some particular content, which the government thinks the citizens should not know.

Final Thoughts

Internet censorship is actually implicating in order to make it more healthy and clean for everyone. That is why more tools are being developed for restricting cyberbullying, cyber racism, cyber violence, and others.

At the same time, they are also putting restrictions on some content, which the common people want to access and can access at free of cost. The fight will continue.

Review 7 Current And Important Issues Around Internet Censorship.

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