Right now, PC gaming is more popular and more affordable than it has ever been. Lots of gamers consider PC gaming to offer the best value for various different reasons. While there are certainly lots of excellent, powerful consoles available for gaming these days, there are plenty of reasons why playing PC games is growing in popularity. Whether you are a console gamer looking for something new, or are just getting into gaming as a hobby, here are some of the top reasons why gamers like to play on PC.

Play Anywhere

PC gaming has certainly evolved a lot over the years, and if you want to get started then there is no need to have a bulky, expensive gaming PC taking up half a desk in your spare room. It’s easier than most consoles to game anywhere, too, thanks to gaming laptop options like this Ryzen 9 Gaming Laptop. Gaming laptops are powerful and portable, and you don’t need to plug them in to anything unless you’re charging it, meaning that you’ve got more freedom when it comes to gaming in any room in your house, while visiting friends, or even while on vacation.

Cost Savings

When it comes to thinking about how you’re going to enjoy gaming, the overall cost is a big one to consider. Compared to consoles, gaming PCs and laptops don’t always cost much more to purchase. And, since they are upgradable, the money you will spend on a gaming PC will stretch further as unlike consoles which will need replacing every few years, your PC can last an indefinite amount of time, with you swapping out the components for better ones as and when needed. Along with this, PC games are also often much cheaper to get your hands on compared to console games.

More Control Options

When gaming on PC, you do have more control options available compared to consoles. Many consoles are only possible to use with approved controllers. On the other hand, you can choose how you want to control the vast majority of games on a PC. You can game with a standard mouse and keyboard, or you can even hook up your Xbox controllers to your PC to use them instead. You can set up a VR headset and controllers for gaming and streaming, and much more, giving you more ways to enjoy your favorite games or try out new ones.

More Games to Choose From

With console exclusives becoming fewer and more far between, it’s no surprise that gamers prefer PC when it comes to the list of games that are available. Many of the most popular games for consoles today might not be available for both the Xbox and the PlayStation, but you’ll usually find them available to play on PC. Along with this, many games are released for PC long before they hit consoles, and you will often find games that you can’t get on consoles available to play on PC, giving you a much wider range of choice and early access to the best titles.

Whether you’re new to gaming and figuring out how you want to play, or are looking for a change from console gaming, there are lots of reasons why PC gaming is worth the try.

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