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Staff Register App for Your Online Store


Small shops in the locality like on-demand grocery shops can go online, exhibit their products and enable their customers to buy daily needs nearby, especially during these trying times and lockdowns. In the normal course, businesses maintain accounts in their 6 books for sales, purchases, returns in sales and purchases, cash, and general journals. Plus mark attendance, maintain day books, customer credit accounts, performance, keep track of employee leaves, salary payments, wages payment, delivery charges, and more. All these are then posted into ledgers to compute the financial reports etc. Businesses can easily resolve this time-consuming process with online store apps like Pagar Book and Khata Book.

Who is required to maintain the books of accounts?

If your gross receipts exceed Rs 1.50 lakhs p.a. in the previous 3 years, you will have to maintain the books of accounts. Even if your store is new and expected receipts are greater than Rs, 1.5 lakhs p.a. account books are needed to be maintained. Larger enterprises have an MD-Managing Director/ Finance Head while proprietary units are self-maintained.

How to get the online store app?

The 5-step process is easy and needs no technical knowledge.

What the app can do?

KhataBooks and the Udhar Bahi sheets are no longer needed. The staff attendance app accounting software is Tally based when used on mobile phones Android/iOS.

Here’s what the online store apps can do;

Employee, payroll management, and staff attendance app

Manage online store accountancy and financial transactions


Bottom line

International apps like Shopify may not be entirely suitable to Indian conditions and small shopkeepers. The Pagar Book and Khata Book online store apps are Made in India with a staff attendance app, customized into over 200 categories and help you go online on your mobile phone for free.

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