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Your real estate clients have unique requirements when looking for the perfect space.

To ensure a smooth customer experience, realtors and marketing staff should not only understand your needs but should also be in sync at all times.CRM real estate can often disagree on the ideal customer personality, quality of leads, key campaigns, sources of leads, revenue attribution, etc.

To further complicate matters, these teams also use different software to do their day-to-day work and track data, resulting in internal data silos and disorganized data. While your marketing teams have half of customer knowledge, your real estate agents only know the rest, and barely all.

Ultimately, your teams don’t agree, the customer experience isn’t working, and you don’t have the clarity to make smart decisions that increase revenue.

Freshsales, with the sales force and marketing automation, keeps your sales marketing teams on same page by viewing the entire contract lifecycle, from click to close, on one platform. Now you can identify which source brings you the best leads, maximize your efforts, and attribute your ROI to the right source every time.

Your real estate agents deal with multiple leads at once, each at different stages of closing. And most of your potential clients expect their real estate agents to act as advisers throughout the buying process. your agents juggle multiple clients, properties, tools, getting full context on client needs in no time becomes a struggle.

A real estate contact management system, like Freshsales, provides a unified view of all your customers, their current transactions, and interactions with your business in a single dashboard. Freddy, the AI-based assistant, helps your agents prioritize prospects by ranking them based on their commitment to your business. Freddy also suggests the next best actions to start conversations. Knowing who is most interested, your agents can now see.

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