Is America The Most Militarily Advanced Country In The World?


America: June 14 is the birth date of one of the most powerful armies globally, the American Army. According to the military history website, the American Army was created on June 14, 1775. That was the year when the continental congress authorized a team of expert riflemen to serve the united colonies for one year.

Since then, it has been well over two centuries, and the American army has evolved a lot. Currently, America is at the top of army ranking and has enough firepower to find any nation.

The technological advancement in the gun industry has further developed the army. Today, the American army has its personalized equipment, making it more efficient and effective than the other nation’s armies.

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Most Militarily Advanced Country In The World?

Battlefields are constantly evolving, making big nations invest billions of dollars every year to make their army competent enough to prepare the nation from any attack.

As of 2020, Global Firepower, a website that keeps track of every nation’s military might, says that the following nations are top of the most advanced and powerful military forces.

5 . Japan

Japan is at 5th spot when it comes down to military might. We know most of you will be surprised to see Japan instead ofNorth Korea. Well, Japan indeed has only a fraction of the headcount to what North Korea has but makes it up by updated weaponry.

Currently, there are more than 250,000 active soldiers. Japan also has 152 special mission crafts. In terms of only special mission craft, Japan is second only to America.

In addition to these numbers, Japan also has more than 3100 armored vehicles, 1000 tanks, 120 attack helicopters, and a navy fleet of 40 destroyers.

4. India

In the fourth position, we have India. India has been in a prolonged conflict with Pakistan after the division. This has helped the Indian army to work on their military forces. Currently, the estimated headcount of the Indian army is more than 1,400,000.

According to Global Firepower, this developing country is among the top leaders in the number of tanks, towed artillery, and fighting aircraft.

3. China

China has the most powerful army in Asia and is a growing adversary to us. It currently ranks third with more than 2,200,000 active personnel. If we see the army size, it is hard to beat China.

China has been building its navy fleet while engaging with other nations in a territorial battle over the North China Sea. As we speak, China has more than 70 submarines, 50 frigates, and 26 destroyers.

If we see China’s military might, they have more than 33000 armored vehicles, 3500 tanks, 1200 fighter aircraft, and 280 attack helicopters.

2. Russia

Russia has slowly but eventually become one of the rivals of America in military forces. Recently Russia has been involved in Syria and Ukraine. Currently, Russia has more than 12,000 tanks (double what America has).

It is estimated that Russia has more than 1,000,000 active personnel who hold command over the 27,000 armored vehicles, 6000 self-propelled artillery, and 3800 rocket projectiles.

In addition to that, Russia has more than 800 fighting aircraft, 530 attack helicopters, and 62 submarines.

1. America

America holds the top spot of the most advanced and powerful army in the world. America Has more air units compared to other nations. They boast of having more than 2000 fighting aircraft, 1000 attack helicopters, 1000 transport mission aircraft, and 700 special mission aircraft.

Is America The Most Militarily Advanced Country?

No, you already know the answer. Yes, America has the most advanced military in the world. They might not have the most active soldiers, but they are certainly not the second rate in terms of firepower.

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