MDM Features: The use of mobile devices is increasing day by day. Most people carry a smartphone in their pockets. A mobile device helps people do a lot more than making phone calls. In this digital era, protecting devices and the data stored on them is a top priority. With a knowledge management system for your organization, we can manage software comes with some extraordinary features. You can get similar features.

Today Apple’s mobile offering – iPhone, has established itself as one of the most reliable smartphones in the world. With mobile device management iOS, it has become easier to secure both your data and device. iPhone mobile device management software comes with some extraordinary features. You can get similar features while using the iPad.

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Let us find out about these mobile device management iPhone features in the following:

1. Quick Enrollment

Quick enrollment is one of the best features of MDM iPhone software. It helps enroll devices over the air. This software ensures quick enrollment in bulk by using Apple Configurator and Apple DEP.

2. Asset Management

Asset management is another important feature that this MDM software offers. The mobile device management software manages VPN, native iOS, HTTP Proxy, Exchange ActiveSync, Wi-Fi, Single App Mode profiles, Set up Passcode, and Certificates. Such software also helps manage assets by users, business functions, and geography.

3. Filter Web Content

One of the best features of mobile device management iOS is filtering web content. This feature will help you provide access only to approved websites and block other unnecessary websites. If you want to block specific web portals, this feature can deny access by filtering keywords.

4. Device Health Monitoring

Device health monitoring is a key feature that most MDM software provides. This checks a device’s cellular data, memory, and battery, etc. and lets you know if there’s an issue.

5. Location Tracking

Location tracking is a valuable thing nowadays. Apple provides a convenient location tracking feature with their products. By using this mobile device management iPhone software, you will be able to view location history. This MDM software tracks your device in real-time.

6. Security Management

One of the best things about the mobile device management software of iPhones or iPads is top-notch security management. This software creates strong password policies so that companies can prevent unauthorized access. MDM software also uses Enterprise Wipe and Remote Lock to ensure the device’s security.

7. Screen Sharing

If you have more than one Apple device, mobile device management iOS software has a fantastic feature called ‘Screen Sharing’. MDM device uses the native screen sharing feature to access another compatible iPhone or iPad. You can easily do this without getting help from a third-party application.

8. Data Restriction

In today’s world, limiting a device’s data is essential. This MDM iPhone system sets up multiple levels of iPad’s and iOS data limits. It will inform you whenever you are crossing the mobile data limit. This software also blocks further data uses.


We have looked into what mobile device management iPhone software offers to users and how they can be utilised. These features can improve your Apple device user experience. So make sure you are using these MDM features to manage your devices smoothly.

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