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Converting Your MS Office Documents TO PDF Format Using GoGoPDF


GoGoPDF: Digital files are now in demand in our new world. People are now more dependent on technology where all jobs about documents are being done through laptops and computers using the different MS Office files. The files now are being shared online through social media, webmails, and company emails.

To protect your files from unnecessary edits and other threats you might encounter online, you should always convert your MS office documents into a PDF file format. PDF formats are now in demand in any company to keep everything protected. One of the most useful and safest websites for converting your files to PDF is the GoGoPDF website.

What Is GoGoPDF?

The GoGoPDF website is one of the safest websites on the internet where you can convert your MS Office files to PDF and more. This colorful and user-friendly website composes 26 different PDF tools that could help you with your PDF files. The website has a Word to PDF converter tool, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, Protect PDF, Edit PDF, and more.

This website has advanced technology that protects all the files being uploaded to their system by deleting them after an hour of upload. All of their 26 tools are very easy to use and hassle-free. You just have to open their website, look for the tools you need, and then follow the necessary steps.

You don’t have to worry if you are using an old web browser or a different software because GoGoPDF can be accessed anywhere as long as your device has a strong internet connection to help you finish your job faster. Here are three MS Office files converter tools that you will find on the website and how to use them.

Word To PDF Tool

The Word file format is one of the most used MS Office file formats by people. It has different tools such as insert, edits, designs, font tools, paragraphs, and more that people usually need when creating a good-looking document. Converting them to PDF helps you secure all the contents of your document and lessen its size without changing its quality.

Here are the basic four steps on how to convert your Word file to PDF with the GoGoPDF website:

  1. Select and drag the Word file to the conversion box.
  2. The website will begin converting your file to PDF when the file is uploaded.
  3. Wait for a few minutes until the conversion is done.
  4. Download the newly converted PDF file directly to your device.


Powerpoint is the MS Office file format where you can create creative and informative presentations for business, classes, and more. This MS Office file composes different forms from effects to attachments where it could eat up a vast amount of space.

That’s why they should always be converted to PDF files to protect the format and data and save space on your device without compromising its quality. Here are four steps on converting your PPT to PDF by the GoGoPDF website.

  1. Choose and drag the PowerPoint file to the converter box.
  2. The conversion box of GoGoPDF will scan and convert your file to PDF.
  3. Wait for a while until the conversion of the file is finished.
  4. When the file is finished, download the new PDF file to your device.

Excel To PDF Tool

Excel files are the most used files by people with jobs involving money transactions, numbers, and different graphs that involve computations and numbers. This type of MS office file should be kept secured all the time because one mistake or edit from the format can change all its content.

For that reason, companies highly encourage their employees to convert their Excel files to PDF before sending or sharing them with other people. Here are four steps on converting your Excel file to PDF by the GoGoPDF website.

  1. Grab and drag the Excel file to the converter box of GoGoPDF.
  2. When the file is uploaded, the conversion of the file will start right away.
  3. Wait until the conversion is done by monitoring the loading box on your screen.
  4. When finished, you can download the file directly to your device.


The GoGoPDF website is a safe and friendly website where you can freely convert your MS Office files to PDF for free and in the easiest way possible. You don’t have to worry about anything because your files are safe with GoGoPDF, and your file conversion will be finished in just a few minutes.

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