Nobody derives any pleasure from standing in the long queues at the post office. But how do you manage all the mailing requirements without visiting the post office? The answer is simple! Use a franking machine and reap the benefits of technology application.

Franking machines have been around for quite some time. However, there have been some significant enhancements in its capabilities over the past couple of years. As a result, more and more businesses are now choosing to be frank over conventional ways.

Yet many low-volume users are still reluctant to use this technology. But this has to change because franking can be highly beneficial for your business, irrespective of your mailing volume.

But First, What Exactly Is a Franking Machine?

Franking machines are not any new invention. These machines have been around for over a century. The first franking machine was created by a Norwegian inventor called Engle Frankmussler in 1884. Back then, these machines were called postage stamp affixing machines.

However, franking machines have come a long way since their inception. Currently, they are defined as metering devices that can streamline all processes associated with postage. They can be a great addition to your business as they eliminate many cumbersome tasks that drain both time and energy.

Using a franking machine means you no longer need to travel to a post office, stand in a queue, and weigh your mail. Instead, you can use it to affix a stamp and automate the process of posting.

Working Principle Of Franking Machines

Franking machines use technology to weigh your mail or posts. Following this, the machine will automatically calculate the appropriate postage for the service. The machine will then apply a mark to the mail item during the franking process.

Modern franking machines can download the latest list of rates via WiFi or LAN. However, older franking machines relied on the rate cards or chips that had to be installed in the machine.

Besides, modern franking machines also allow you to print your brand logo on each mail. This helps enhance the credibility of your business with a touch of professionalism.

Why Do Your Low Volume Users Need a Franking Machine?

Franking machines have provided businesses with a much more efficient and cost-effective medium to manage their mail and postages. Additionally, modern franking machines are available in different sizes. So every business, irrespective of its scale and requirements, can benefit from the equipment. Hence it becomes much easier for low volume users to find the machine that serves their requirements and fits their budget.

Besides that, there are many other reasons why low-volume users need to consider using a franking machine. Some of these reasons include:


Every business operates with a simple motive to make profits. And the best way to do it is by reducing your cost. Franking machines are the exact tool you need in your arsenal to realise that goal. They can optimise the purchase cycles for your stamps across different parcels and letters.

For instance, suppose sending a second-class letter with conventional stamps costs you around fifty cents. Sending the same letter with a franking machine will help you bring down that cost to 30-35 cents. So you are instantly saving somewhere between 15-20 cents on each second-class letter you send.

This saving can significantly impact your overall expenditure on postage and mailing. The same savings can be used in other business areas to drive growth and expansion.

Time Efficiency

Businesses have long been aggravated by the inefficient services offered by post offices. Besides, making regular trips to a post office can eat up a significant proportion of time from your busy schedule. You can wash your hands off such a hassle with a franking machine. These machines can weigh the mail and calculate the postage fees automatically.

Additionally, a franking machine will ensure you do not need to rush to reach the post office before it shuts. Instead, you can simply frank mails at a time that suits your convenience.

Better Credibility

Most small businesses make the mistake of lacking professionalism. These tend to presume it takes a lot to showcase branding in most cases. However, this is far from reality because small efforts go a long way.

Using a franking machine allows you to print the customised logo of your brand. Besides that, you can add customised messages to promote the latest offerings of your business. Such things play a key role in enhancing your image and boosting credibility.

Enhanced Security

Using a modern and advanced franking machine means all your mails are protected with passcodes. This prevents unauthorised access to the machine, ensuring your postages and mails remain secure. In most cases, businesses send out sensitive documents using franking machines. Thus, it only makes sense to ensure unmatched security for all your documents and keep them safe from any prying eyes.

Easier To Calculate Tax Returns

Keeping track of all your postage costs can be a headache for everyone. So, it is better to leverage the easier alternative to using a franking machine. These machines keep track of all postage costs. As a result, it becomes easier to claim those expenses on tax returns. Besides that, most modern franking machines provide printed reports making it even more convenient.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider using a franking machine as a low-volume mail user. If you are still hesitant, you can start with renting a franking machine instead of buying one. Once you see the tangible benefits of this machine, you can commit and buy a franking machine of your own.

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