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Why Are Businesses Shifting To The Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing facility encompassing storage, servers, network, and application solutions for businesses and enterprises. It helps the businesses with infrastructure, Platform, Data and Software as a service so that they can reduce their cost and improve ROI. At present, organizations/enterprises are shifting to oracle cloud for all the facilities, including storage, servers, edge services, application development, database management, networking, etc. Here are a few reasons why this inclination is on the heavier side.

Reasons why businesses are moving to oracle cloud

Benefits for businesses to shift to Oracle Cloud

The benefits for businesses to shift to the Oracle cloud are listed below:-

Getting most out of the shift to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud software solutions are gaining an edge over other technologies as it has complete full-stack solutions such as PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service and SaaS (Software as a Service). The organizations/enterprises will only have to pay for their services. Organizations can perform bulk activities within a short period because of it.

Oracle cloud facility also comes with hybrid options for those heavily regulated entities with data that needs to be kept secure. For such entities, hybrid cloud options works wonder with improved latency. So, every end-user has something or the other benefits to take away from shifting their IT infrastructure or services to the Oracle cloud.

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