If you are aiming to level up your career in tech, there are probably some skills that you have thought about improving. Perhaps you are working on your Java or Python skills, or maybe you are trying to master the fundamentals of UX design. Maybe you’re hoping to improve your prospects by adding a security certification to your credentials.

However, no matter which part of tech you wish to work in, there is one soft skill that is increasingly valued by employers of all stripes: fluent English language skills. Here’s why good English matters in tech, and how you can improve this skill to stand out from other candidates.

Tech solutions for better English fluency

Before we get onto the importance of English fluency for tech jobs, it is worth noting that in the current climate, it is easier than ever before to acquire the skills you need to attain this fluency. For example, the online language teaching platform Preply will pair you up with a highly-qualified English language tutor for dedicated one-on-one lessons, which go a long way towards building confidence in English speech and overall proficiency. This online platform is highly advantageous: this accessibility enables people to learn conveniently from any device with a sustainable internet connection.

In addition, you can also use dedicated language-learning apps to help you stay refreshed on the important fundamentals of good English. Moreover, with these resources at your disposal, you can gain the language skills you need to stand apart from other candidates.

English is the language of tech

There is no getting around this simple fact: English is the language of tech and there is every indication that will remain the case for the foreseeable future. First off, the main centers of the global tech industry work almost exclusively in English and expect workers to have total fluency before they apply.

Consider, for instance, the fact that Silicon Valley and the Bay Area work in English, while the UK, home to Europe’s largest tech industry by far, offer jobs only in English, for the most part. Other major high-tech hubs such as India, Canada, and the Nordics also typically work in English within the sector. It’s clear: wherever you want your tech career to take you, English fluency will help you get there.

People skills are increasingly important

One important shift that is taking place within the tech sector now is the growing emphasis on good people skills. Employers are no longer content for devs and specialists to sit behind a screen all day and avoid any communication with the outside world.

Nowadays, top employers such as Google, Amazon, and Apple expect any and all new hires to be able to demonstrate top-notch people skills, client management skills, and teamwork skills. For this, flawless English language abilities are pretty much essential. By attaining fluency in English, you can gain the ability to communicate with coworkers, clients, and end-users in a way that sets you apart.

The top tech employers want workers with impeccable English skills. With enough dedication and willingness to improve, you can attain fluency in English more quickly than you ever thought possible.

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