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What Goes Into An Ideal Car Wash Kit?

Car Wash

Cars might’ve become affordable on a large scale, but their association with status remains. The model that one drives exudes their opulence. This fact, and the love of the vehicle itself, has made the car wash industry an evergreen business. If not by professionals, cars get washed by their owners personally when on the driveway.

Assisting those desiring to shine their cars personally is a car washing kit. These kits are packages of items that help with car cleaning and polishing. They make the car seem like it’s just been driven out of the dealer all over again, enhancing its value by several notches.

The Ideal Car Cleaning Combination

The prevalence of multiple kit types makes choosing one an endeavour in ambiguity. There are many stages to cleaning and shining a car, and as many components in various combinations. Your choice of car washing kit must suit your every need, which depends on your car’s model and your usage pattern. A look through the many available options with some prior information will help you choose the right one.

Dirt and Grime Remover

The first step to cleaning your vehicle is to remove the unwanted dirt, grit, and other nasty stuff sticking to it. This task is not an easy one by any means; those things tend to stubbornly cling to the car’s surface and in the most unreachable nooks and crannies to boot. You need a specialized remover chemical, as mere high-pressure water washing won’t cut it.

This chemical, generally called dirt and grime remover, comes in the form of a sprayable liquid. It helps loosen the unwanted matter’s grip, allowing its washing away with little to no scrubbing. Nowadays, there are gentle removers that, when applied, don’t take a toll on the car’s wax or paint.

You can easily wash them off with a gentle water spray, along with the nasty stuff. These could even have a natural scent for a pleasant result.


You have done all the preliminary cleaning and are ready to bring out the soap or cleaner liquid to begin the next stage. However, if that cleaning material is not a dedicated car shampoo, then you might as well not go ahead. Only purpose-made car washing shampoos can do the kind of cleaning job cars require.

The car shampoo is formulated to produce a gentle and effective lather that removes dirt without adversely affecting the car’s body and coatings. Some of them can even be effective on the tires and not just the usual parts cleaned with them. Scented ones leave your car smelling great for hours besides making it look good too.

Make sure to buy kits that have pH-neutral shampoos, as they are the safest on all surfaces.

Cleaning Mitt

No matter what type of washing fluid is used, it won’t function well if it’s not applied well. A quality cleaning mitt that fits securely on the hand, and is soft on the car, is the ideal tool for the job. It is a must-have accessory in every washing kit.

A regular cleaning cloth provides little grip and is prone to slippage in the lather-filled environment of a car undergoing a wash. You can clean any corner and edge thoroughly without worrying about the cloth falling off.

These mitts are also made from materials easy on the car’s surfaces, such as microfibre, preventing scratches and coating wear that other materials can induce. They are also cheap and easy-to-wash themselves, allowing for prolonged use.

Clay and Wax Sealant

If you feel the need to add some shine and protection to your car after the wash, you should use a wax sealant. Modern ones come in the form of a spray, sparing you the hassle of tediously striking the car’s surfaces with it. They are silicon dioxide-based and protect your car’s paint for a long time.

If you require a bit more protection, claying is another option. These come as a separate kit or as a part of a larger one. There’s a spray similar to the wax one, along with some clay bars. You must stroke the clay bars on the sprayed surfaces till all the fine dirt and grease is gone. The paint will start to shine like new.

Drying Cloth

An often-overlooked accessory, a drying cloth is a must-have to quickly and safely complete the car wash cycle. Waxing and claying can’t get done on wet surfaces, and leaving the drying job to the elements can make the wash a fruitless endeavour. A soft drying cloth will quickly absorb and remove the water without damaging the car.

A car is an indispensable tool in today’s life and has no plans of changing that role going ahead. A car washing kit is, therefore, a much-needed companion for every car-owning household.

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