Top 5 Tips To Make Long Form Content Worth Serps

As a writer, you definitely know that long form content is on the rise. This type of content writing has been performing well among readers as well as writers.

In today’s world, people discuss long-form content as a one-stop solution to all writing troubles. Experts believe in long content, but they do not mean unnecessary long. The point is to create long form content that is valuable and can improve SERP results.

How Can You Write Valuable Long-Form Content?

Everything has a necessary set of dos and don’ts. Similarly, creating long-form content also has the right way. From a writer’s experience, follow five perfect tips to make long-form-content worth SERPs.

Make a Deserving Length to Every Post

By definition, long form content can have different lengths from 1000 to 4000 words. As per Google, the top-ranking contents include approx 1200 words. Nevertheless, not every content piece includes information worth 1000 words.

Always focus on the topic you are writing and focus on the length according to it. If you think a blog needs to be divided further, try to break it into subheadings or further articles. For instance, if you are planning to write an affiliate promotion blog, increase its length to discuss every detail of the online discount codes from every store available on a particular site.

Remember, your articles must be long enough to cover every detail and short enough to keep readers engaged.

Behave Like an Economist When Writing

An economist is highly concerned about allocating scarce resources wisely. Your resources and time as a writer or reader are the words you use. Understand, the more properly you allocate words in a blog, the more successful your readers will feel.

Focus on the two principles of economics while creating long form content.

  • The principle of sunk costs explains that if you spend an amount that you cannot cover, it is not included in your decision-making. Similarly, if you have spent an hour writing an ample word count does not mean it must be the choice for your final draft.
  • The principle of trade-offs explains that while a reader spends an amount of time reading your content, they are unable to read anything else. It is why they will look for valuable information in return. Therefore, you must write a blog that is valuable at every step or the readers will start looking for other content.

Add a Table of Contents

The basic goal of generating long-form content is to answer multiple questions about your main topic. It is possible that you will find a reader who is looking for a certain answer in your article. Navigating through your content might be frustrating for such readers. Therefore, by adding a table of contents in your article, you can help a reader jump to a topic directly.

Introduce Rich Media

One of the most professional ways to break long-form content is by adding rich media. It may include charts, screenshots, GIFs, tables, images, videos, and click-to-tweet widgets. By using rich media, you can add significant value to any long-form content.

Write SEO Optimized Content

The most important benefit of creating long-form content is practicing SEO. It is the base of writing content in today’s digital world. Not every long article will rank higher in SERPs. You must follow the best practices of SEO writing.

For this focus on the following things,

  • Use an appropriate keyword in your content and maintain its density to approx 2.5%
  • Include LSI Keywords and relatable phrases to help Google understand
  • Use appropriate headings and subheadings
  • Make sure to add keywords and LSI keywords in headings
  • Give attention to ALT tags for every picture you add
  • Include necessary outbound links in your article
  • Add internal links to own your personal content
  • Include bullets and numbering in your content
  • For referencing, always add statistics in your blogs

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, the most difficult part is to understand what you want to write. Creating long form content is difficult if you run short of words. Try to know about the topic before you run into a detailed blog. From focusing on the length of your blog to following the best SEO practices, every step matters in writing.

Try to generate content that can be helpful and worthwhile. Once you learn the art of writing long articles, wait for the results.

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