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Tips And Tricks To Master Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV is still not as popular or as common as we expected it to be. Now, it seems as if  Apple TV is in need of a change. Rumour has it that Apple TV might be introducing a new streaming box sometime this year.

Apparently, it’ll have enhanced gaming features, a simpler way to find its remote, and a much more powerful processor in its little black box. Despite the fact that a new Apple TV is perhaps around the corner, its current TV lineup is still worth investing in.

Once you’ve managed to set up the new box, there are a few things you’ll have to learn. For example, using the Siri remote may feel simple, but there are certain hidden shortcuts that will indefinitely make your life much easier.

If you compliment your Apple TV with Metronet TV service, your experience will become more worthwhile as it will give you a plethora of entertainment options.

For now, let’s explore some nifty tricks and tips that will help you master Apple TV:

Siri Remote Tricks

We can all agree that the Apple TV remote needs an immediate overhaul. It is easy to lose the remote because of its small size.  In fact, the trackpad used to swipe and tap your way through when using the Apple TV can be nerve-wracking.

Let’s be honest, you’re stuck with it. So, here are some tips and gestures you can do to make the most out of your Siri remote:

Replace Your TV Remote with Siri Remote

Siri remote can fully replace your TV’s remote, or at least when you’re using the Apple TV. You can either enable it automatically or do it manually as well. Simply go to Settings and choose Remote and Devices, and On Control TVs and Receivers.

If the volume is somehow still not working, then click on Volume Control and choose Auto. Apple TV can further turn on and off your TV, but this ultimately depends on the TV itself. You will have to enable CEC, which probably has various names, which differ from every brand name.

Once you have enabled it, your TV should power On when you use the Siri remote. When your Apple TV goes to sleep, your TV should power off too.

HomePods for a Better Sound Quality

If you already have full-sized HomePods, simply use smart speakers to produce a home theater sound system. On the other hand, if you only have a HomePod Mini, what you can do is stream Apple TV’s audio via a speaker for better sound quality.

There’s more than one way to get your home theater feature to work, but here’s the catch: you need to have at least one or two of the larger HomePod models, and of course, an Apple TV 4K. Be mindful that Apple TV and HomePod are located in the same place in the home app.

If there are two HomePod speakers in your house that you want to use as a stereo pair, you will have to create the pair before going ahead and assigning them into the same room as the TV. The next time you turn on your Apple TV, it will ask if you’d rather use the HomePod as TV speakers.

Or Use Your AirPods with Apple TV

The next time you decide to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series after midnight without disturbing your partner, you can connect the AirPods to your Apple TV.

Typically, your AirPods are already paired with Apple’s streaming box, hence all you’ll need to do is put them on, press and hold the TV button to select the AirPlay icon, and simply select your AirPods.

All audios will be passed from your Apple TV and all the way to your ears, allowing everyone else to have a peaceful and quiet night, while you binge away.

Manage Your Smart Home Devices

We’re living in a smart home era, where our daily lives have become much more convenient. If you have smart home devices that are compatible with HomeKit, Apple TV can work as a central hub for them, and you can simply control your house through Siri remote.

All you need to do is connect the HomeKit devices to the Apple TV Home app, which is on your iOS device, and make sure you’re signed in from the same iCloud account as your Apple TV. In order to check if it’s working as a hub, go to Setting and then AirPlay and HomeKit to see if it’s connected as a hub.

As long as all the settings and iCloud account are in place, you should be able to press on the Siri button of the remote and tell it to on/off your lights or unlock a door; depending on the type of HomeKit devices being used in your home.

The real beauty of having your Apple TV as a hub for your HomeKit devices is the fact that you can even manage this particular hub remotely; you can be anywhere and can still control the devices.

To Sum, it All Up

If you were to ask Siri how you can master your Apple TV, you’re bound to come across dozen of tips! However, we felt the five tricks mentioned are the easiest, and will inevitably make using Apple TV fun!

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