HTML: There will be times when you will need to convert your HTML documents into a PDF file for various reasons. It might be for a need to present it in a meeting or in your class. However, since converting can be a massive pain for some people, they may experience some problems with it. That is why there is a website that would greatly help you.

That website is called PDFBear. And all the developers and designers of this website have ensured that each person who will use their site will not have a problem converting their files. That is thanks to the speed and easy-access of this site. Not to mention that it has been deemed the best conversion platform for many years now.

Top Features of PDFBear

One of the best things that PDFBear is proud of is its option to convert from HTML to PDF for free. Yes, you heard it right, for FREE! You would be able to do that and more without needing to pay a dime. However, they have a pro version also, which would charge you a little bit so that you can access and enjoy all of the features that they offer.

Though you would still be able to access some free version features, that would not be everything. They have tons of features that they are very proud of designing. And to speak about that further, all the features you can access in the free version would be stated here on this list. Don’t worry, it is not much, but it would satisfy all your needs.

The Speed and Accuracy of PDFBear

This feature is one of the best features that they are most proud of making. Since all of them know how much time is of utmost importance, they made sure to make a system that would save tons of that precious time of all their customers. Oh, and before the other things, you must know the two main requirements to convert stuff.

The first step that you need to make sure of having is your device or personal computer. This is crucial because it would be where you will need to get all your documents to convert. The second thing would be a stable internet connection. This is to ensure that this website’s quickness would be used and you would not waste time.

Security and Reliability That You Can Trust

Another important feature that they have created is their privacy and security option. All of them in their team know how important your security and privacy is. And they know that bad people are doing evil deeds with them, such as hacking. That is why they made sure that this feature/system will help you and everyone else feel safe in using their site.

This system works by deleting all your documents in their site an hour after it has been uploaded. That means once you have uploaded your file to the system, the timer will automatically start, and everything that you have uploaded will be deleted after an hour. Don’t worry. An hour is enough time for you to process everything. It’s enough.

Convert Your Documents in Just a Few Easy Steps

You would need to follow four primary and simple steps so that you would be able to convert all the files that you needed. Only a few, right? Don’t worry. If this is not a few steps for you, you will not need to do everything since there is a system where you would not need to do anything. All you need to do is wait for all your documents to be processed.

Before you can start converting your HTML file into a PDF file, make sure to have the two main requirements needed not to have a problem when the time comes that you will need to convert a specific document. If you have those requirements already, you can now start to convert all your documents.

1. The first thing to do is to go and upload all the documents you need to convert. Any size of a HTML file would do. You can also drag and drop those files into the space provided by the system. This is the step where your device or personal computers would be beneficial. Easy right? Rest assured, the next steps would be easier than that.

2. The hard part is done. You can now proceed to the second step in converting your documents.

3. For the third step, you would not need to do anything. Once you have uploaded all the documents that need to be uploaded, all you need to do is wait for the system to process them. It would automatically be processed once you upload them.

4. The fourth and final step that you need to do is save your documents. Once the process has been finished a few minutes later, you will be prompted that they are, and on that note, all you need to do is go ahead and save all those processed high-quality documents into your device or your personal computers.

After doing that, you’re done! You now have a high-quality PDF document at your disposal. You can now kill that presentation that you have or have that passing grade for a job well done in converting your files. Since everything has already been finished, you can now leave the website and have fun with your file. Don’t worry about your information.


We use various formats of documents every day. Whether it’s for school or for work, there are times when we need to convert our files to PDF to ensure that our documents are not tampered with or used without our permission.

The good news is, PDFBear offers many other tools that you can use. You can either split PDF files, merge, convert, compress, sign, unlock, repair, and many others. PDFBear is here to help you with all your PDF needs, not just in converting. One more fantastic thing about this website is that it requires no installation. Just visit their site, convert, and go! It’s all that easy.

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