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Modem write for us – Overview

The modem is a computer hardware device that converts data from a digital format to a format suitable for an analogue transmission medium, such as a telephone. Besides, a modem transmits data by modulating one or more carrier wave signals to encode digital information.

However, the modem is short for Modulator Demodulator. So it is an electronic device used to access the Internet that modulates the carrier waves to encode the information to be transmitted and also demodulates the incoming carrier waves to decode the information it contains.

How does a modem work?

The modem receives information from your ISP through the phone lines, fiber optics, or coaxial cable in your home and converts it into a digital signal.

However, the router’s job is to transmit that signal to connected devices, either through Ethernet cables or WiFi, so that all of your devices can board and access the Internet.

In addition, the router and your ISP can’t communicate directly because they speak different languages or transmit various types of signals, which is why the role of the modem as a translator is so important.

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