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All About MHS (Monster Hunter World) Palico Gadgets

MHW (Monster Hunter World )Palico Gadgets

Palicoes use MHW Palico gadgets in Monster Hunter World (MHW) to heal the hunter, stun monsters, taunt monsters, or various other effects. Companions can only equip one device at a time. So you have to choose what to use when hunting. Besides, this article covers all you must know almost Palicos and how to solve their desired Palico Gadgets, like the Plunderblade. Below is a list of the gadgets in Monster Hunter World. Also, you can change the devices on your Palico by speaking to them.

All Palico Gadgets MHW(Monster Hunter World)

1. Vigorwasp Spray

MHW Palico Gadgets

It is the very initially Palico Gadget you find in Monster Hunter World. Moreover, the Vigorwasp Spray is received as soon as you start the game and is Palico’s first device. So the Vigorwasp Spray enables the Palico to summon Vigorwasp to heal you. But once the Vigorwasp spray has reached level 5, you can manually request a Vigorwasp. However, at level 10, you can call a Vigorwasp station. Therefore, it causes your Palico to drop vigorwasp on the floor for you to pick up at your convenience.

2. Flashfly Cage

The Flashfly Cage allows your Palico to spawn Flashflys during combat big beasts.

Ancient Forest – How to Get the Flashfly Cage?

Flashfly Cage is the second Palico device that you can earn in Monster Hunter World by helping the Grimalkyne tribe in the jungle. But first, you need to unlock all campsites and speak to Investigator Lynian. To help the bow trappers, you need to find their markings and follow them to the top of the big tree. In Area 17, you will meet a bug trapper who is running away from you. Chase him into his hiding place. At this point, you will receive the Flashfly Cage.

With the Flashfly Cage ability, your Palico can summon a Flashfly near large monsters and blind them for a short time. At level 5, you can manually gather a lightning fly, and your Palico will sometimes set a shock trap on you, albeit a weak one. From level 10, you can set up your shock trap without having to make one.

3. Shieldspire

The Shieldspire is a giant shield that your Palico can have to protect against assaults. Therefore, your Palico acts like a sort of tank for your squad.

Wildspire Waste- How to get Shieldspire?

To unlock the Shieldspire Palico device, you will have to go to the Wildspire Trash and help the Grimalkyne on the lower levels after speaking to investigator Lynian. Investigator Lynian will tell you to find your doodles all over the map, and there are quite a few in the local area. Find the required doodles, then go to the northeast camp (room 15) and speak to the leader. Then use the net to capture his three friends on the slinger. You can also sneak up on these guys without the ghillie coat, but that’s a lot easier. When you have all three, return to Grimalkyne’s hideout to finish.

Shieldspire is a great Palico defense device that will allow your hairy friend to call a shield to taunt large monsters. Besides, it also helps block damage. It is also beneficial, especially in some of the stricter fights, like when it comes to killing devils.

4. Coral Orchestra

The Coral Orchestra is a hunting horn the size of a Palico. Grants random buffs that can be helpful when hunting! The more competent your Palico, the more influential the advantages.

How to get the Coral Orchestra? – Coral Highlands

To unlock the Coral Orchestra, you’ll need to locate the Grimalkyne tribe in the Coral Highlands and defeat them in a battle. Track them down and talk to them. Then help them hunt down two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku as part of their Troubled Troupers mission. This is a solo mission, so get ready for battle. Once the task is complete, you will give the Coral Orchestra.

The Coral Orchestra Palico device is an instrument that can use to increase your attack, defense, and status resistance. At level 5, you can call your Palico to use the wind instrument, and at level 10, you can get your Palico to use a percussion instrument.

5. Plunderblade

The Plunderblade is a Palico gadget that is especially useful when raising large monsters for materials. It allows your Palico to push materials right off the monster’s back and causes more material to fall to the floor for you to pick up.

It would help if you always told your Palico to use them as it will steal things on its own over and over again at the same rate.

How to Get the Plunderblade? – Rotten Vale

To unlock the Plunderblade for your Palico, you’ll need to work through the story until you have access to the lower levels of Rotten Vale. When you get to this point, go to Area 13 and speak to investigator Lynian, who brings raw meat. When the conversation is over, stay there and wait for an odogaron to drop off their meal. Then look for a Grimalkyne. The Grimalkyne will flee from you. Just follow him to his hiding place and drop raw meat on the floor to attract him. The Grimalkyne gives you the plunderblade.
Plunderblade is used to get more material from monsters. This is especially useful when you are trying to collect materials to upgrade your weapons. On the different levels, you can request more use of plunderblade.

6. Meowlotov Cocktail

The Meowlotov Cocktail allows Palico to toss bombs at monsters, like the Gajalaka you meet on high-rank missions.

Elder’s Recess – How to Get the Meowlotov Cocktail?

Before you can unlock the final Palico device, the Mewlotov Cocktail, you need to collect all of the other Palico devices, defeat Zohra Magdaros a second time, and then speak the researcher Lynian in Astera. He will give you a search to find 10 clues about Gajalaka. There are clues in each of the playable areas. Be sure to check out our guide on Finding All of Gajalaka’s Doodles in Monster Hunter World for help with finding these markers.

Continue with the main story until you unlock the Elder’s recess location, then speak to the researcher Lynian in Astera to get the “Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics II” quest. For this quest, you have to find the Gajalaka settlement in the Elder’s recess. The gajalaka only appears at night, so you can either wait next to it or go elsewhere and farm. Sometimes you will charge up, and it will be night, so that you might be lucky.

When night falls, speak to investigator Lynian to begin the next step of the mission. You have to go unnoticed by the gajalaka to do this, sneak past them as they dance. Alternatively, you can use the ghillie cape to let them through. When you get to the bottom of the crystal cave, crawl through the small hole to meet the Gajalaka knight. He’ll give you the Meowlotov cocktail.

Choosing the right Palico device for the job is essential. While Vigorwasp Spray can be beneficial, especially in an emergency, the ability to conjure a shock trap with Flashfly Cage is invaluable, as are the benefits of Coral Orchestra. For more walkthroughs and collections, see our Monster Hunter World Guide.

7. Tailraider Signal

This Palico Gadget made by the Boaboa allows you to request Tailraiders by beacon lighting. Also, any Lynians or Tailraiders close, come to your help. So your Palico only uses it at your orders, and it is only usable in singleplayer.

How to get Tailraider Signal?

Unlock all other gadgets, then search to hunt a Tempered Beotodus with the help of Boaboa.

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