Nomos is a German watch manufacturer known for its enticing, stylish designs and expertly made original movements. While the features and functionality built into each Nomos watch appear to be simple on the surface, they are combined with uncompromising mechanical quality, which lasts for a long time and goes well with almost any outfit.

The watch company has only been in business for about 30 years. Imitators have already flooded the market, attempting to replicate the Bauhaus-inspired minimalism that has aided Nomos Glashütte to become a worldwide hit. They keep things simple and understated, allowing the function to flow into style. Now, here are the finest Nomos Glashütte timepieces.

Tangomat Ruthenium

The visuals of the Tangomat Ruthenium will appeal to people who love the black color palette. This particular timepiece has a Cordovan black strap, a dial with ruthenium plating, and polished hands. This watch’s profile and other components available in all Nomos Watches, including the stainless steel case, are elegant and beautiful.

In this edition, the dial has been coated with ruthenium, a platinum group metal, which has turned it into a deep black. The watch has a patented Nomos date indicator, and the Zeta movement inside guarantees the maximum rate accuracy. Tangomat Ruthenium is water-resistant to 30 meters, has a 43-hour power reserve, and a bidirectional winding rotor.

The Tangente Collection

Tangente timepieces are by far the most common of all Nomos models, and they are likely the ones you have seen the most because they have been in existence for over twenty-five years. With little designs that first exploded onto the scene in the 1990s, this is the watch that truly represents the brand’s spirit with minimalistic dials reminiscent of 1920s watch designs.

With that, two Tangente models are top-rated in the collection. These timepieces are widely used and purchased by people who admire minimal designs.

1.Tangente 33

From what you can see in its name, this wristwatch has a 33mm diameter. It’s also small by most watch standards, making it better suited to female wrists. It is, however, classic enough for men who simply want to wear a watch with a lower profile.

2.Tangente Neomatik.

The self-winding Neomatik, a relative newcomer, made its debut at Baselworld 2015. It holds the distinction of becoming the company’s first automatic timepiece. Neomatik screams for a little more focus with dashes of striking colors while remaining reserved and grounded in minimalist form.

The Metro Datum Gangreserve

One of Nomos’ most well-known models is the Metro Datum Gangreserve. The Metro was Nomos’ first movement to feature the brand’s own Swing System escapement technology, and industrial designer Mark Braun designed it. The off-center power reserve and the minty green accents combine to make this a unique watch that strikes out in the watch industry and among the brand’s own watch collection.

Nomos Club Campus Night 

A well-develop sports watch is always necessary to add to a particular timepiece collection. The Nomos Club Campus collection debuted in 2017, intending to appeal to young people by offering some unique dial combinations at a reasonable price. The wristwatch that is being featured here is the Club Campus Night.

As the name implies, this version of the Club Campus has a dark anthracite dial in color. Roman numerals, hash marks, and Arabic numerals are employed as hour markers. The red-colored second’s hand and the blue outline on the hour markings that shines out against the dark backdrop add some playful touches to the Nomos Club Night.

The Orion

The Nomos Orion is a timeless classic, with elegant simplicity at its best, fine watchmaking pared down to its fundamentals at an unexpectedly reasonable price. The Orion collection contains 27 different models, each with a diverse variety of colored dial and, if you’re willing to spend a little more, some extremely neomatik versions.

Because of its visual purity, the Orion is a personal pick of many Nomos designers. It exemplifies the Bauhaus and Deutscher Werkbund design concepts upon which Nomos was established. This self-winding beauty with golden indexes and tempered blue hands on a white silver-plated dial is one of the best and highly regarded styles that most people eye for.


So, there you have it. You now have a bright idea of which Nomos Glashütte timepieces you should add to your collection. There are numerous Nomos models and references, but what this post is attempting to emphasize above all is that they are producing genuine in-house movements at a reasonable price.

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