When the computer is old, there is a chance that the webcam won’t work as well as it used to. Thus, you should really know how to fix my webcam. You will find out the webcam is not working when you test it on this website and nothing happens. It would be such a bummer when the webcam is new and it is already not working. When that happens, it is usually the fault of the computer or wherever you decide to pug it into. Here are a few ways to fix the webcam when the time comes that it is not working anymore:

Check USB Port

It is indeed possible the one that is malfunctioning is none other than the USB port. This can be checked by plugging in other devices to the USB port and seeing if something would happen. If the other devices actually work then the webcam is the one that is broken. If none of them would work then the USB port is the one that is broken so better call a technician to do something about that or use a different USB port. It is normal for a computer or laptop to be equipped with several USB ports anyway. This is why you can’t really afford to have kids with the USB ports because it can get a bit dirty in there right when you least expect it.

Check Connection

It is possible the connection is just a bit loose. Believe it or not, plugging the wire back then unplugging it back again can result to something nice somewhere down the line. It is also possible you will need to find a new USB cable since these things are cheap anyway. Make sure you don’t buy cheap ones as those things will just make matters worse for you when the time comes that you need them. Be sure to not overdo connecting the cable because that can ruin it. Just be sure that you’re trying to be cool with what you are doing as being careless would result in various consequences that you won’t really like. It is also possible the connection is entangled up a bit with other bothersome wires right up in there.

Consult Manufacturer

According to this website, you should not be shy when it comes to consulting the manufacturer. We all know how the seller-provided a manual that you can read. This manual would sometimes contain troubleshooting strategies in case something goes wrong with their product. Due to how much they would want to maintain a great reputation, you can bet they put a lot of stuff there. There are some backup strategies in case the first ones they provided did not work. IF all else fails, you can always call or text them and you can bet your bottom dollar a member of their highly-trained customer service team would answer your call right away. The last thing they would want to happen is to keep you waiting. If you are not in a hurry, you can also email them and they would also see to it that they would reply in an instant. They would even tell you how you can prevent the same problem from happening in the future. They could recognize the fact that you’re not really a tech-savvy type of person so they can explain things in a way that you will certainly understand.

Check Antivirus Settings

When you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, it is highly possible it is preventing some specific programs from launching. When that happens, your webcam would be prevented from working right at the moment you try and launch it. Thus, go to the settings of the antivirus program and exclude the webcam from the list of programs it is preventing to launch. After all, all the other things it is preventing may be a huge help to you in the future. An antivirus program is one of those things that you should really have because you can’t afford to have a virus come into your computer and ruin everything you worked hard for.

Plug the Webcam into Another Laptop

In order to see if it is the webcam that is malfunctioning then you should plug it somewhere else. If it is working there then your computer would be the malfunctioning one. If it is not working then you should call the manufacturer to send you a new one. If it is still a few hours from when you bought it then you can still go back there and have it replaced. You have to admit that if your computer is malfunctioning then reformatting it is the way to go. Just to be sure you can try it on several laptops when there are many things in your stuff.

Enable Correct Device

When there are several devices connected to the computer, it may recognize the wrong device. Thus, better make sure via the settings that the webcam is the one that is enabled This is another one of those lessons when you can’t really afford to plug way too many devices into one computer. Besides, if you also have a laptop with you then you can plug in some devices there. As they say, you can unplug the ones that you are not really using. Those things may cause the computer to slow down a bit and that is one thing you would want to avoid.

When you do any of the following strategies above, be sure to test your webcam again on the same website that you tested it above. After all, it won’t take you that much time to do so. When it is already working perfectly fine then you can congratulate yourself for a job well done. It is indeed possible you will do more than one of the above tactics just to make sure. Be sure to go back to this article in the future if ever you are having problems with your webcam again.

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