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Home Security for Beginners – Light Switch Camera, Doorbell, & More

Security Cameras can be an integral part of your home security system. Some are wireless and can be controlled by a smartphone app. They can also integrate with other smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Some even have the ability to analyze the footage and provide insights. Some of them can even be used to monitor and record activity on your property.

Light Switch

If you want to install a light switch to control your security cameras, it is important to know how the switch is wired. Some switches are hardwired, while others use pigtail connections. Before deciding on which type of switch to use, make sure to know the wattage requirements of your cameras. Then, consider how many devices will be powered by your switch.

You’ll also need to account for line loss, which is affected by the PSE power, transmission distance, cable quality, and other factors. If these terms or items are out of your lexicon, consider hiring an outside consultant to work on this project for you as you really don’t want to cut any corners here.

You should choose a PoE switch that provides the cameras with the power they need. These switches offer different types of power and have different specifications depending on the manufacturer. Knowing the specs of each switch will save you time and money when installing your hidden camera for home. Don’t use a switch that doesn’t support PoE, because it could damage your cameras. The power it sends may also be too much for your security cameras.


A Doorbell security camera can give you peace of mind, particularly if you’re concerned about the safety of your family. These devices come with two-way audio capabilities that let you speak with visitors. They also let you know when someone is about to leave your home. A camera can also help you spot suspicious behavior at night.

You can also choose a doorbell that records live video feed when someone rings the doorbell. These models have better range, stability, and performance than other types of doorbells. Video doorbells also allow visitors to ring the doorbell without touching it. Moreover, they let you know who is on the porch when guests arrive.

Nanny Cam

If you have children at home and want to monitor their behavior, a Nanny Cam security camera may be the perfect solution. Many of them record video at high resolution and can store the footage on a micro SD card. Many models can record in 720P or 1080P HD. A Nanny Cam, which you can learn more about here, is a security camera that can record video from as far away as 15 feet away.

However, nanny cams are not perfect, and some people are wary of their reliability. Although they are great for watching over a child’s activities, some of them can be misleading. For example, you may catch a glimpse of a crying baby, but not see the nanny preparing a bottle or the caregiver taking a break. Some cameras may also record to an internal microSD card, while others record to cloud services.


Baby Monitor

The video feed from a baby monitor can be easily accessed by hackers, so it is important to protect your baby from these types of threats. While newer models are designed with security in mind, some devices can be easily hacked. You should always choose a model that has advanced security and privacy features.

The baby monitor comes with a receiver and transmitter. You should place the transmitter in the baby’s room. The video feed will help you hear your baby if they wake up. This feature also comes in handy when you need to check on your child in another room. In addition, a camera that can function in the dark is ideal for monitoring your baby.

While most home surveillance systems come with a motion detection feature, the most important feature is the sound sensor. You can also use the two-way audio feature ( to communicate with your child. This feature is especially useful if you have a toddler, so you can use it to calm them. However, you should check with your security provider to see if your system includes this feature.

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