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Hard Assets Alliance – Storage Review

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The Hard Assets Alliance is an organization of investment firms and reputable financial research firms that provide investors with an array of services to protect their hard-earned money. This alliance offers investment services in precious metals and has the resources to help investors make better decisions about their investments.

It provides 24-hour buying and selling platforms, worldwide storage options, and complete liquidity. Members of the Alliance are also able to use the MetalStream service to invest and store their gold.

The Hard Assets Alliance offers membership in a community of investors to share their ideas and tips with one another. The investment community is also home to several investment clubs. Members can network and share strategies with other investors by meeting up at an investment event.

Education is another important part of any investment strategy and the Hard Assets Alliance has plenty of resources to help. Its educational resources include a Coin Collecting 101 course and advanced numismatics courses. Click here for more information about numismatics.

Currently, the Hard Assets Alliance has six vault locations on four continents, but the locations and types of metals available may change over time. Some locations are limited in the amount of precious metals that can be stored.

As more members join, however, the availability of these metals may be expanded. Whether you choose to invest in the hard assets alliance or not, it is best to do your due diligence and seek professional advice before investing.

While Hard Assets Alliance does not appear to be a scam, its lack of transparency and inconsistency may hinder your decision-making process. While the Hard Assets Alliance isn’t a scam, the company can do more to win customers’ trust and earn their business.

Further, it is hard to find essential information about the company. There are a variety of accounts available, including an Individual Retirement Account, Limited Liability Company account, and Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) account.


The Hard Assets Alliance was established by Agora Financial, Eagle Publishing, StreetWise Reports, and Casey Research to offer investors access to the precious metals market. It also promotes investor education and has a metals-trading platform called SmartMetals.

Members can buy and sell precious metals through the Alliance, and the organization offers ready storage. Click the link: to find out more about this service. It also provides various forms of delivery and payment. To make investing in hard assets as simple and convenient as possible, the Hard Assets Alliance offers an online account.

The Alliance offers a range of precious metals in its inventory, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. All of these are IRA-eligible, and you can choose from several weights of each bar. You can also store your precious metals in New York, Salt Lake City, or London. In addition to storage options, the Hard Assets Alliance offers 24-hour online access to its entire inventory.

One drawback to Hard Assets Alliance is that it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Most investors will check for BBB accreditation before committing to a particular company. Plus, there are a number of hidden fees.

If you’re planning to invest in precious metals, the first step is to choose a custodian for your investment. The Hard Asset Alliance accepts IRA, corporate, and partnership accounts. You’ll need to provide personal and tax identification information to begin the process of investing.


Hard Assets Alliance – Storage has received mixed reviews. Most customers were satisfied with the products, but some people were not. This is mainly due to the lack of information about the company.

Unfortunately, customer service is not the strongest point of the Hard Assets Alliance. They lack transparency and have hidden fees. Even a great support team would struggle to cover these flaws. While they handle queries well initially, these issues become more prominent as the company grows. Still, the company has room for improvement, and customers should consider this when looking at their services.

While many companies provide storage and shipping for precious metals, Hard Assets Alliance has a unique approach. The company offers convenient, low-cost storage for purchased metals. And with their 24-hour online service, you can make transactions from anywhere in the world.

While many storage companies offer a range of services, Hard Assets Alliance focuses on the long-term investment of hard assets. Their gold and silver storage services are easy to join and offer reasonable prices.

In addition to gold, they also sell platinum, palladium, and silver. The company sells gold and silver bars of different weights. Members can even set up a monthly investment program with a minimum $100 and start earning dividends from their purchases.

For the most part, Hard Assets Alliance provides storage services for precious metals. The company has vaults in Salt Lake City, London, Sydney, and Singapore, which are all independently-owned.

Unlike other services, these vaults are open for business around the globe. And they are staffed by professionals, making them reliable and convenient. Unlike other storage providers, Hard Assets Alliance offers customers the ability to choose their own storage facility, which is the best choice for your precious metals investments.

Account options

While the name “Hard Assets Alliance” sounds like an acronym, the company actually consists of many different organizations. This organization doesn’t handle the majority of the business itself but relies heavily on third-party systems to manage its clients’ accounts. Although the company has an impressive track record, it’s unclear what it does and doesn’t do well.

Membership in this company is easy and offers great prices. There are various types of metals available, such as gold, silver, and platinum. Gold examples include Krugerrand gold from South Africa and Great Britain Britannia. Platinum and palladium bars are available only in one-ounce quantities.

Choosing the right metal for your investment plan is vital. This company is an excellent choice if you want to invest in precious metals, but research the different account options and costs before deciding which one is right for you.

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