How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Small Business?

Digital Marketing Agency: Small companies are crucial to the Melbourne economy because they account for 98% of the total businesses. However, they do not have a lot of room to commit mistakes. More often than not, a slipup will send them directly to bankruptcy. If you are looking for a company that can offer digital marketing services like search engine optimization, visit NTA Digital.

However, everybody agrees that brick-and-mortar shops and mom-and-pop stores should have an online presence. A majority, however, thinks that Facebook is enough to push their business from red to black. They do not see the need to hire a digital marketing agency to build an SEO-ready website to drive traffic and convert customers into sales.

For example, a survey by web hosting company GoDaddy revealed that nearly 6 in 10 small businesses in Australia do not even have a website to speak of.

The majority of the respondents believed that they do not need a digital address because they are too small. Another group thought it was too expensive to maintain a website or too much of a hassle considering they have no employees to manage it.

But How do You Determine if the Digital Marketing Agency is the Right One for You?

Here are some tips to make the search easier:

1. They should be clear about their plans for you — When selecting outside help, the devil indeed is in the details. Steer clear of digital marketers who speak in abstract and concepts. There is no universal solution that will magically skyrocket your website to the top of the rankings. The plan should set clear goals, which match your own. Finally, they should tell the truth so that you temper your expectations.

2. The proof is in the pudding — Ask for their portfolio so you can read their success stories. Also, ask for the contact number of their existing and previous clients so that you can inquire about their experience. Sometimes, the partnership goes beyond results. A lot also has to do with compatibility. They might deliver the results, but they do not make you a priority since they are on the payroll of companies much bigger than you are.

3. Guarantees are red flags — While a sales pitch is understandable, anybody who guarantees to triple or quadruple your revenues is lying. Digital marketing involves a lot of moving pieces. Even if the skill of the agency matters, a little luck helps a lot. Nobody knows how high you would rank in the Google totem pole for a keyword search. Your competitors are also likely hiring an SEO agency for their websites. And remember, you are all fighting for the same spot.

4. Pricing — When it comes to pricing, the digital marketing agency has to hit the sweet spot. Beware of someone who is undercutting the prevailing table prices for digital marketing services. Chances are, you are buying fool’s gold. While digital marketing agencies command higher rates than freelancers, the latter relies on volume to sustain their business. As a result, the freelancer might be serving too many masters that they might overlook your needs.

The main question remains: Is It Expensive to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Just like brick-and-mortar stores are dealing with their competitors, digital marketers are also trying to get an edge over other service providers. And as small businesses know, competition pushes prices down.

As a result, these digital marketing agencies offer packages that are easy on the pocket, enabling small business owners to keep track of their budgets. In addition, if you are looking for a website to submit your digital marketing article, please do visit

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