Content Marketing Strategy: In an industry that generates an annual revenue amounting to billions of dollars, there lies great potential for businesses operating in this niche.

However, with more than 10,000 moving businesses across the United States, positioning yourself to reap as big a pie as possible is not easy, even with the huge potential. That’s especially for small businesses that are looking to make in-roads in a sector where a good number of customers swear by certain big brands. But it doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

The good thing about the Internet is that it leveled the playing field for businesses when it comes to competition, with SMEs the biggest beneficiaries. Among the many things a modern local moving company can do to promote itself online, having a solid content marketing strategy should be at the heart of those efforts.

That’s because basically everything online basically revolves around content in all its variants, so having a winning content marketing strategy can put you front and center as you bid to carve out your own small niche in the industry.

Here is how you can use a content marketing strategy to grow your moving company in 2021.

Understand Your Audience

Every robust content strategy starts with a true understanding of your target customer, and even more so in the case of moving businesses.

Are you based in a college town where there is a high movement of students in and out on a regular? Or is your area teeming with the elderly who’s more likely to need support as it gets more difficult to live alone, resulting in more and more new families streaming in?

By properly understanding the demographic makeup of your area, it’s easier to target and boost your exposure among people who’re more likely to need your moving services for civil discourse.

Educate Your Audience

Once you’ve homed in on your target customer, you can embark on marketing campaigns to educate them by creating quality content.

Being in the industry, it might come as a surprise to know there are many people who don’t know what a move entails as they don’t move that often. If you’ve put together a strong marketing strategy that consistently churns out targeted local content, they’re more likely to bring the business to you and not the competition.

Not forgetting, quality local content makes it easier for you to be found by potential customers, whether that be through search engines, social media, or other websites.

Keep It Simple

Using industry jargon and big words may make you sound like an industry doyen, but to the average person, that’s just plain boring. When creating your content, it doesn’t hurt to have it relayed in a way that speaks to the ordinary reader who doesn’t have a deep understanding of the industry.

Always keep in mind that it is this type of reader who’s more likely to visit your website in search of moving services – not industry insiders.

That said, this year, aim to make your content more palatable to the average reader and explain everything exhaustively.

Build Your Presence

When developing a content marketing strategy for your moving company, this will be one of the most significant aspects you’ll be dealing with. That’s because most people these days rely on the Internet when searching for information in general (not just moving services).

Therefore, you need to invest time and resources in establishing and growing your presence online – have a business website, flanked by a blog and social pages to boot. In 2021, these are not optional: every business worth its salt has to have a firm digital footprint.

In the case of the blog and social media, setting up alone is not enough. You need to have a regular posting schedule that refreshes the content on these facets of your business.

This will help you attract potential new customers and demonstrate that as a local mover, you can be relied upon to provide helpful information that people looking to move are looking for.

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