8 Suggestions For Appreciating People During This Pandemic

During the tough and challenging times especially during the current global pandemic, it becomes very important to give extra attention to the appreciation and support people during this pandemic and boost their morale. Here we will look at the top employee recognition ideas that will make them happy and appreciate your efforts. Without wasting any time, let us check out the top suggestions.

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1. Give More Time To Complete Difficult Tasks

Everyone is trying hard to get the work done in a proficient now. Even parents are trying hard to raise their family and sprint retrospective meeting template & balance the workload. Every single person is struggling to complete their work at the right time by self-isolating from friends and family. It is the adjustment that is tough on everybody. When you’re dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the stress, consider the impact it has created on productivity. Things have become a bit harder to complete and employees have to struggle with their own lives. As most of the people are working from home today, unfortunately, our work has taken a big hit. Hence, give enough time for the employees to complete their work and set simple rules.

2. Use Current Tools

Increasing VPN connections, video conferencing, and becoming reliant on collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack are the current norms. These tools are assisting us to work together as a team. The same goes true for recognition tools. Modern mobile recognition applications are very important. They will help us to send the quick ecard, digital points, and nominate the coworker for the award. We can see some real-time victories over social recognition walls with comments and likes on the teammate successes make the recognition an inclusive experience for everybody.

3. Send Personalized Thank-You Cards

The best employee recognition ideas will be sending thank-you notes or emails to your team to make them know they’re appreciated and doing an amazing job will go a very long way to maintain and improve the employee morale, particularly during such uncertain times.

4. Do It Frequently

Suppose you will be making recognition one-time occurrence, then it will not have any long-lasting impact. To spread your appreciation, make it a bit frequent. You can make it the top priority to recognize people for their different efforts. For the start, you can try and make this the habit of sending thank-you notes to someone daily.

5. Appreciate Everyone on the Team

During such challenging times, people should unite & find strength with each other. Take a little time to recognize those people and spread a few words of appreciation to boost their morale and collective efforts. This takes the whole team to get things rolling and chief accomplishments are generally achieved by the team. Make a habit to appreciate and recognize the group efforts – it can boost the team morale & encourage their teamwork.

6. Stay Flexible with Lesser Restriction

With schools and daycares closed down and major changes happening in the life of an employee, employers have to be flexible and understanding. Let your employees work from home. Ensure employees know that they can stay home while sick without consequences, and trust your employees if they say they are not feeling well or going through some personal issues. Always be in touch with them.

7. Give Benefits

Even though you cannot give raises, if your organization is putting in more time, you can consider giving fringe benefits to show your appreciation towards your employees. Maybe you may start covering the cost of the parking and public transportation, or offer a stipend that will cover a part of the employee’s internet bill or other bills.

8. Allow Your Employee to Choose a Project

Finding a passion for your work will be a bit of a challenge for some employees. Lots of employees will find value from working on a particular project that they have an interest in or find interesting, and you may do it by assigning some hours every week for the employees to work over the quarantine project. Assign every employee any quarantine project, which they will put their whole energy in for some hours, and watch the excitement about your work grow.

Final Words

Even in small businesses, sometimes it is tough to see an impact that you create as a team or an employee. If your company hits any milestones, appreciate which teams did to accomplish the task. This shows that the work they do is important.

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