6 Cool Car Gadgets And Accessories That Can Improve Your Driving Experience

Car gadgets and accessories are add-ons that upgrade a car, add style, or improve functionality for a better driving experience or aesthetics. Some of these gadgets are essential, as they keep the vehicle running and in good condition, while others are non-essential since they are just for comfort. For example, accessories like seat covers enhance cleanliness, and a navigation unit helps you get out of an emergency. Here are cool car gadgets and accessories that can improve your driving experience.

1. Smart car lights

Smart lights are a great add-on for your car that can be used to illuminate your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Consider replacing your car’s interior dim lights with smart lights to increase brightness for overall visibility. You can also get smart lights for your car’s dull headlights to illuminate the roads for a better driving experience. Consider getting yourself a remote-controlled light bar that you can turn on and off at your convenience.

2. A portable jump starter

A car battery can die at any time, leaving you stranded for hours with no help. With a portable jump starter, you are guaranteed power backup in case your car’s battery dies in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, recent jump starters have additional features like flashlights and USB ports for your phone charging purposes.

3. Car Gadgets – Dashboard cameras

Dashboard cameras are usually mounted on the dashboard to record and store happenings of your entire journey for future reference. Some of the latest dash cams can record up to five lanes of traffic that you can watch in real-time and also allows you to share photos and videos on social media. Dashcams come in handy, especially a crash, and you are trying to prove who is liable for the accident, making it easy to get compensation.

4. Car Gadgets – GPS trackers

A GPS tracker is a cool gadget that you connect with your smartphone to get real-time updates about your car’s whereabouts. Besides monitoring a vehicle’s location, a GPS tracker can be used to locate and recover your vehicle when stolen. Some GPS trackers come with additional features that allow you to turn your car on and off with the touch of a button or by sending a text message to the tracker’s sim.

5. Car Gadgets – Wireless smartphone chargers

Using innovative gadgets, wireless smartphone chargers are making their way into your vehicle. They replace your USB charger by doubling up as a wireless charger and phone holder, and they charge three times faster than the traditional wireless charger. With a wireless smartphone charger, your phone is always charged, ensuring the full-time availability of navigation assistance.

6. Car air purifier

When you spend a lot of time driving your car, it becomes stuffy, making it uncomfortable for you and negatively impacting your driving experience. A car air purifier is a must-have accessory that helps you enjoy clean, fresh air throughout an entire ride. It also eliminates foul odor, dust, pollen, fur, pet odor, cigarette smoke, and other air impurities in your car. You only have to plug it into the car’s charging port then let it do its magic.


Car gadgets and accessories not only make your life on the road easier; they also improve your driving experience. Consider getting some of these gadgets and accessories the next time you upgrade your vehicle.

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