VR technology has generated wide media attention in recent years, although it was initially created in the late 90s, and it did draw widespread media coverage even back then. However, the technology wasn’t quite advanced, and it didn’t reach the mainstream public.

But, today, thanks to the evolution of digital technology, there are high-quality VR headsets that are able to successfully immerse the users in a virtual world where they can virtually interact with other VR users and VR objects.

Thus, there are actually different VR applications like healthcare, gaming, tourism, education, to name a few. Here we will take a look at some of the most popular applications of VR technology in 2021.

Gaming Sector

It comes as no surprise that one of the most popular applications of VR technology is in the gaming sector. Initially, VR technology was created for gaming, and the technological advancements allow gamers to experience their favorite games in a VR setting, and they also get to play a game specifically created for VR headsets. Needless to say, thanks to the evolution of VR technology, there are plenty of games available on the market by developers like HTC Vive, Microsoft, WorldViz, and others.

The impact of VR gaming was also noticeable in the online gambling sector, specifically in online casinos. Online casinos typically use tech innovations to their advantage, which is another reason why there is an abundance of casino sites on the market. If you’re new to the online gambling world, the best online casino reviews will help you familiarize yourself with various online casinos and what they have to offer.

In fact, renowned iGaming developers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming create popular VR games based on their well-established titles like Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, VR Roulette, and other games.

Automotive Industry

VR technology is also used in the automotive industry, specifically in the design process. Famous brands like BMW use VR technology to create prototypes of the vehicles and help the engineers and designers create accurate designs. The VR application helps businesses reduce their costs by reducing the number of necessary porotypes and improving the manufacturing process.


VR technology is also used in the healthcare sector. For example, VR technology can be used by healthcare professionals and trainees before they work on humans and treat different injuries. For instance, it can be applied for the simulation of real surgeries. It is a very beneficial approach because the simulation is realistic while there are no consequences for making mistakes.

VR technology can also be applied for the treatment of mental health issues. For example, there are cases where VR technology was successfully implemented in the treatment of PTSD and anxiety disorders, and phobias. It creates a safe environment for the user that needs to overcome certain fears, and in the long run, it can help in the treatment of various disorders.

Overall, VR technology in the healthcare sector provides an opportunity for medical training, minimizes the costs, and it can also increase the quality of the medical treatment of mental health issues.


It can be used to enhance the shopping experience on online shopping sites, especially since users that want to buy garments online need to also use their imagination or envision how the outfit will look like. But VR technology can solve this problem and reduce the chances of errors by realistically showcasing the outfit for the customers. Furthermore, it was also used by e-commerce sites to deliver a better experience to the users. eBay, namely, has partnered with Myer has and created the VR department store.

Some of the famous fashion brands that have integrated VR solutions for their businesses are Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, and Chanel. Otherwise, VR technology can also be used by retailers when they are designing shop floors, for example.


It is also applied in the entertainment sector. For example, you can enjoy a VR tour in an art gallery. It presents a unique opportunity for the visitors to interact with the digital art pieces and see them in the comfort of their own homes.

Similarly, It can also be used in museums to entertain and educate audiences. For example, the British Museum used Virtual Reality technology to promote its Bronze Age collections. Of course, the natural choice for VR technology in movie theatres, which will deliver an immersive experience like no other. Paramount Pictures, for example, is one of the famous film studios that invested in VR.

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