4 Facebook Advertising Tips To Try Right Now

One amazing Facebook Ads strength is the different ways you can apply it to your products and services. You may target any kind of audience in a wide range of placements on & off Facebook & can do with plenty of ad formats. The customization potential is quite extraordinary. These options do not do much, but, if you are struggling on how you can get this system to work in your favor. Skilled marketers at times struggle with Facebook Ads as this system will be a bit complicated for them. You can learn more about Facebook e-commerce advertising strategies with the help of experienced agencies in the market.

Facebook started as the way for students to communicate with their classmates, and since it has evolved into the hub for content sharing, creation, as well as advertising. Over 1 billion users engage on Facebook daily that represents a huge opportunity for the advertisers to leverage the content to their potential users.

1. Video Is Valuable

There has been so much confusion regarding whether video mattered in the Facebook Ads after seeing Facebook is drastically inflating the video metrics. But, video is one important tool for Facebook marketing, and still, it is very important for Facebook Ads, as well. The video opens up enough room for storytelling. Many customers can see two or more lines of the ad text & think NOPE, and happily pause watching the video that takes 20 seconds for them to watch full. It gives you a little more space for getting the message over and to have the impact you wanted.

2. Attribution models

You must understand Facebook’s attribution models, and where you can change its view as well as what makes sense for the conversion goal. And these are some ‘rules for how every conversion will be counted, regarding the timeframe after the interaction with the advert & method of interaction. It is very important to take a note of so that you have a clear knowledge of the value of the conversions & how they compare it to other networks out there you are running.

3. Think of Placements Carefully

You may reach the users in many different locations on & off Facebook, which includes Instagram & the audience network. You may select if you wish to run your ads on the desktop placements, your mobile placements, and both. Various placements can impact the campaign differently. The mobile users, for instance, will be less possible to buy than the desktop users however likely to engage. The Instagram ad placements cost much more than Facebook over the board, however they yield much higher engagement on average. In the same way, on-platform ads can perform much better than the right column Facebook ads, however, newsfeed ads provide higher potential that will lead to the higher CTRs.

4. Test creatives & copy

Test several creative & copy variants and see which resonates rightly with your users. Facebook can optimize your ad serving based on performance & conversion goal. The interesting & new creative kind I recommend is ‘Carousel’ that allows you to fit several images & links in one single creative.

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