3D Printers: Innovative Uses And More

Although the prototypes were born more than 20 years ago, the truth is that 3D printers have become a phenomenon in recent years. They are not yet very widespread in our homes. Still, all technology lovers have shown interest in the possibility of giving life through one of these devices to any object that we can design by computer. But what many wonders what these printers can use for more than for the most geeks’ curiosity. And the truth is that it has more uses than we can imagine at first.

Applications And Uses Of 3D Printers

1. The first use that could occur to us is to print figures in one piece, which is undoubtedly the most comfortable option. And this is the perfect way to create personalized toys for each child. It will no longer be necessary for the doll that our children are so excited to have been put on sale in toy stores, but we will have to design it with specialized software and print it to create the perfect birthday gift.

2. In the medical field, there is another exciting use of 3D printers. And is the manufacture of prostheses that replace different parts of the human body. An example found in the boy Kaiba Guionfriddo, born with a defect in his bronchial tube that generally prevented him from breathing. With the help of a three-dimensional printer, an artificial trachea printed that managed to save his life. Besides, a year has passed since the operation, and the child can breathe correctly. A similar use could be given, for example, to place hip replacement.

3. The design of models and prototypes for engineering and architecture is another of the uses of 3D printers that have more acceptance. Manufacturing a piece’s prototype has never been easy and has such low costs compared to current systems.

The 3D Printers in the Future

1.  Food:

Another utility that many would not have thought of for 3D printers is food manufacture with novel designs. Today there are inks for this type of printer made of different materials: sugar and chocolate. Therefore, we can turn any idea that comes to mind and that we can design by computer into an edible sweet in the shape we want the most.

2. Guns:

On a less sweet side, these printers can also manufacture pistols and rifles, which has led to promote reform in this regard in the American arms law.

3. Fashion:

Although we may think that to make clothes, the idea is to use a lifetime fabric. There is also the possibility of creating innovative fashion designs using a three-dimensional printer. We will only have to design the dress we want and print it without sewing knowledge. Indeed, at the moment, there is no 3D printer ink with the materials we usually use to dress. So we would have no other option but to wear plastic dresses, which may seem a bit bizarre.

4. Accessories:

What if instead of our wardrobe, we want to give a different touch to our mobile phone? 3D printers can be the answer too. We already know that one of the best ways to personalize our terminals is through a case that adapts to our tastes and our personality. But for now, we have to settle for what we can find in phone stores (or in the Chinese). However, with a three-dimensional printer, we will have the option of creating our cases with the design we want in a matter of minutes.

These are just some of the uses that we can give to this type of printer, but the possibilities are almost endless. Furthermore, you have to let your imagination fly and have some 3D design knowledge to create everything you want.

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