Affordable Smart Home Security Devices

Home security is essential to keep everyone in your family safe. Are you planning to make your home safe without burning a hole in your pocket? Then, the best way is for you to buy home security devices rather than a full-blown home security system.

Along with this, it is always good to get some total home protection plan. In this blog, we’ve summed up the best way to not compromise on home safety and at the same time make it affordable.

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What are home security devices?

A home security system is usually nothing but several devices connected. This protects the home from any possible intruders. It usually includes CCTV cameras, sensors, etc. A home security system is generally expensive, and the best way is to choose the right devices instead of an entire system.

Wi-Fi Camera

A Wi-Fi camera is one of the essential home security devices. It always keeps your home under surveillance and makes you feel comfortable if you’re out or if you’re home alone. Wi-fi cameras have cloud storage and also has an SD card slot in case you want the recording.

If you can get something budget-friendly and at the same time with useful features, then you are good to go. Some necessary features include weatherproof housing, a siren, and most importantly, a wider field of view. At about $20 and with all these features, the best pocket-friendly Wi-Fi camera with all these features, Wyze Cam, is available now.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass break sensors are necessary for houses, especially with large glass windows and doors. These sensors listen to any breaks, cracks in the glass of your house’s windows and doors. They trigger emergency responders when any glass breaks. It is always good to get sensors with a high decibel alarm and sensitivity.

One of the most affordable, sensitive glass break sensors is the Vivint Glass break sensor. It is wireless, tamper-resistant and also, extremely sensitive. It also triggers an alarm and sends a notification to your mobile.

Motion Sensors

As the name suggests, motion sensor lights detect motion. They stay off until they detect motion. This alerts you to the presence of something or someone in the dark. They are usually powered, solar, or electrically. However, solar ones are more preferred as they only require simple installation and not wiring likes the ones that are electrically powered.

The range depends on your requirements. There are ones for outdoor security and also ones to detect motion indoors. The only disadvantage of solar ones is that it should get sunlight to charge up. If you install it in the shade, it won’t work. Aootek’s Solar motion lights for outdoor security works well and also are affordable.

Video Door Bells

These days, more people are shifting from conventional doorbells to video doorbells because of their security benefits. Video doorbells help to determine the person at the door. It also eliminates any unnecessary feed and focuses on the person standing there.

Wireless doorbells, apart from giving you an idea of the person standing at your front door, also allows you to speak to your visitor without opening the door. Even if you are at work and you have a visitor, some doorbells let you answer.

You can always check on your deliveries. It is still good to get a wireless video doorbell with good night time vision. You can get a budget video doorbell such as Energizer Connect Smart 1080.

Fire and Smoke Alarm

It is not only enough to protect your house from intruders but also external possibilities such as a fire. Smoke wires are either hard wired or battery powered. For those with hearing impairment, smoke alarms with high volume or LED lights work the best. Honeywell wireless smoke and heat detector is one of the best but also affordable smoke alarms.

Other Affordable Hacks

Some of the other ways to ensure home security with affordable devices are using dummy camera devices to create a full surveillance effect. This should only used with properly working ones and to make an impression of having cameras all over.

It is always better to get specific cheaper security devices than the entire system. It is also good to get Smart bulbs that can operate using an external device such as a mobile phone. So, when you are not going home at night, the house looks illuminated.


Home Security guards your house. Home security devices are expensive, but you can save up on a lot if you also get a good appliance insurance plan. Another reason as to why you might end up spending more is because of installation.

Devices either require professional installation, whereas there are security systems that you can install manually. It is wise to choose the latter to save up on maintenance costs.

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