A brief discussion on online exams?

It is important to prevent cheating from students when you have to manage online exams rather than a physical examination system. Remote proctoring services are essential in this respect so let’s talk about what this technique means.

Remote proctoring will make the student authorized for appearing in the exam. It will capture the picture of the student to prevent any other personality from attempting the paper except the authorized student only. Secure browsing will disable the student to switch browsers during online exams. The student cannot go to another browser to search for the answers through the net. Proctor examines the students continuously from a webcam.

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In what ways, you can conduct online exams?

It is a virtual way of conducting the exams. Students can take their exams either on their mobile phones or desktop computers. The teacher shares the required link with the student, and they can easily log in to the website. The result can be calculated manually, as well as automatically. Two types of paper are there either in objective form or subjective form. In subjective form, maybe you have to prepare a report and then submit to the examiner.

How can you perform well in subjective form examination?

Suppose, your examiner will ask you to attempt a subjective kind of paper. In which probably, he or she can ask you to make a research report on a specific topic. Then you are suggested to check plagiarism before submitting your work. There are many plagiarism detectors or plagiarism tools available on the internet.

Suggested tools that to check for plagiarism:


The plagiarism check becomes very simple by using Plagiarismdetector.net. This plagiarism checker will help you to make your report free of plagiarism & enable you to get great marks in the examination. It comes up with many features. This plagiarism tool completes the process quickly and smoothly. You can approach a deep search in which you will get even the plagiarism result with highlighted plagiarized phrases for free.


You can easily check plagiarism through this tool. The user can paste the copied content in the required place. All the formats of files are supported by this tool. The URL of the required website can also be inserted to check plagiarism.


This copyright checker also acts like a plagiarism detector. It detects or highlights the sentences in which plagiarism is found. The servings are free of cost from this plagiarism tool.

Important ways to prevent cheating in online exams:

Some of the ways are listed below that guide you to stop cheating tricks from students:

1. Security:

No doubt, security is a basic element for conducting online exams. This feature will stop students from switching browsers during the exam. Suppose a student attempts any shortcut, an alert will ask the student to go back to the exam website. The paper is canceled after committing this attempt three times.

2. Monitoring students:

Let’s talk that what are the basic needs of a student to attempt online exams:

  • He needs a proper laptop or a desk computer.
  • Internet connection is compulsory.
  • A webcam and mic.

What are the actions considered when a student is examined for a remote proctored examination, these are listed below:

  • Verification of the student
  • Images and video capturing
  • Auto access to the unusual movements of the students

There are three kinds of remote proctoring. Let’s list them:

  • Recorded proctoring
  • Live online proctoring
  • Automated advance proctoring

3. Authentication of the students:

The validity of the candidate or a student is the primary step to conduct an online examination. Because it is also possible for a student to hire an expert to attempt his or her paper, to avoid this kind of cheating, there are listed some important steps:

  • The student would have to enter a specific identity card number.
  • The system then matches the number with the earlier details given by the student at the time of registration.
  • Suppose the identification number does not match with the details, the system will reject the candidate to attempt the exam.
  • The system will continue watching the activities of the student.
  • The candidate can log in to the exam website only in the provided time.

4. Data Encryption in-between transition:

This step is so valuable. It prevents unauthorized access to the question papers. The result manipulation is also kept secured by using this feature. This feature will help to ensure the examination security.

5. Exam timer for each section or question:

The examiner should set a specific time to solve each question given in the paper. This feature will enable the students to attempt the solutions carefully without wasting their time cheating. The professor should allow a maximum of sixty seconds for each question. The sections are mostly given in multiple-choice questions so the student just has to tick a correct option from the given ones.

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