How To Install A Soundbar In Your Car? “Get rid of the shitty sound. Life’s too short.” – Hans Zimmer

What Is a Soundbar?

A soundbar combines many smaller speakers in one body. It can provide quality surround sound, and due to its design, you can place it in your TV lounge or wherever it is needed. You can mount it either up, down, or along with the level of your TV. It will occupy minimal space. If you want a cheap way to improve the sound in your car, a soundbar will do the job.

Noticeable Features of a Soundbar:

  • HDMI port that is built-in
  • Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • You can control it with an App.
  • Virtual google assistant can also be useful.
  • Can be stacked anywhere if it has access to the power supply.

Does Your Car Need a Soundbar?

Before installing a soundbar in your car, make sure the audio system already in your car is not better than the soundbar AUDIO output. Car companies are always looking to cut the costs of production, and the audio system takes the losses in most cases, so you might have ended up with a defective sound system.

But with advancements and development in the car industry with high horsepower, increased speed, and less fuel consumption, the car companies are investing more in making your car’s sound system better as well. Before jumping to buy a new soundbar for your car first, you can compare the sound quality of your car’s system with the soundbar in your home.

The Things You Would Need:

  • Soundbar
  • Rubber gloves
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Screw diver
  • Amplifier, if needed to increase the sound
  • Wire cutters
  • Speaker wire

There is a specific procedure needed to be followed while installing the soundbar precisely. You can choose the soundbar you want to use in your car based on the quality of the sound. If you want a good quality audio system in your car, you would have to buy a more expensive soundbar, and if you can compromise on the quality of sound a bit, you can get by easily. However, that’s not to say all cheap soundbars have bad sound. Some models give a bang for your buck, and more often than not, those come from reputable brands like Sonos and Yamaha.

While installing the soundbar, you should be aware of the surroundings as it is a delicate process. Working with electric wires can be dangerous. Use rubber gloves to avoid electrical shock and to be safe from cuts and bruises. Start by gathering all the equipment needed to install the soundbar so that you are not disturbed while working.

Do not kick off the engine of your car and carefully remove the negative cable of the battery. Also, make sure the positive terminal is not in contact with the metal part. Try and be on the safe side while doing all this to avoid electrical sparks. If your car has a top that can be detached or moved, it might be easier for you to work as it provides you more area.

Place padding around the area you want to attach your soundbar, which is easier when done with detaching Velcro. Choose the place you want to put your soundbar and fasten it using screws.

Mounting the soundbar can be done using mounting braces. The place should have central support to avoid falling off the soundbar in case of a bump in the road. In addition to screws for mounting, a strong adhesive strip can also be used to fix the soundbar.

Removing the stereo is needed and can be done following a standard procedure. The already drilled holes in the car might not be able to accommodate the mounting braces, and so new holes would be needed to drill in.

Then connect the wire of the speaker with the soundbar. Connecting a wire can be made easier by removing the outer protective coating of the wire. You can use a wire cutter so that a finer connection can be made between the wires. After that, connect the wire with the rare side of the stereo. To avoid the clutter of wires, pass them through under carpeted area of the car.

Then attach the negative terminal of the battery. After connecting all the wires, kick off the engine and see if the soundbar works by playing a song or radio. This whole process might seem a bit extensive and lengthy, but it is an easy process and might take 1 to 2 hours at maximum.

Some Issues You’ve to Consider:

Power Supply for the Soundbar

As you already know, soundbars need a continuous power source and need to be plugged in. If there is an AC outlet in your then vehicle, you are all set. Otherwise, you can buy a convertor of AC and use it as a power source.

Safety of the Personnel

A soundbar is heavy and sturdy, so it being loose can pose a serious threat. For instance, if your head gets bumped in with it by accident. You have to make sure it is fixed properly and does not move freely. That way, you’re able to put your and your passengers’ safety first.

If you manage to tackle these issues, you can have the best outings with friends and listen to your favorite songs as loud as you want with the best quality sound. A small investment and effort that would be worth it if you follow all the steps right.

Connection Issues:

Connecting a soundbar with a wire is hectic and confusing. Because you have to take care of each end (+ve/-ve) of the wire. You can opt for an optical or HDMI connection to make the whole process easier. You can get an HDMI cable from a nearby market or a reputable online store.

Final Words:

You can install a soundbar without a professional’s help is you follow the right method to do so. You only have to arrange a soundbar and a connection wire.

Additional Information:

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