Google Voice Assistants for Your Home

Voice Assistants have been a remarkable invention in the modern world of today. It’s like having a virtual assistant around that takes your notes, sets reminders, can check up on the weather forecast, and play any song you ask it to. It may not seem like it but they are life-changing.

There are plenty of smart devices out on the market now, and what’s even better is that most of them are compatible with Voice Assistants. That’s right, if you have anything like a Smart TV, Smart Thermostat, or even Smart Lighting, these can be synced to voice assistants and controlled through voice commands.
Google may have joined the party a little later, but the company has rolled out its own versions of voice assistants featuring the Google Assistant. Here are some of the Google Voice Assistants that would work great for your homes.

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1. Google Nest Home Mini Smart Speaker

The 2nd generation of the Nest Mini, this Smart Speaker features the Google Assistant other than being a great speaker for your home. It has twice the bass level compared to the original Mini, and improved voice recognition – meaning you can call out “Hey Google!” from across the room and it catches the sound.

Other than playing music from all your favorite apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, the Mini Smart Speaker’s Google assistant tends to all your needs. Now it’s much easier to leave reminders, set alarms, and control other smart devices around the house. Ask Google to turn on the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, or turn down the thermostat by 3 degrees. The Google Assistant can help with anything – even finding out the weather forecast or the traffic situation on your daily route.

It has a very compact design that can be placed anywhere in the house or hung on the wall and still look chic; it just needs to be placed near an outlet in order to be plugged in. The Nest Mini Smart Speaker is available in 4 colors: Chalk, Sky, Coral, and Charcoal.

2. Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker

The Google Home Smart Speaker features Google Assistant to make life more convenient. With simple voice commands, you can control all other smart electronics in your home; like the smart coffee maker, smart thermostat, smart TV, smart lights. That’s right, the Google Home Smart Speaker is compatible with other smart devices too.

Not only that, but the Google Assistant is basically your virtual home assistant. Set reminders, make calls, have recipes dictated out to you, and check what time your favorite show plays on the ABC network – there’s so much that can be done. And the best part, this device can be set up to recognize around 5 voices! It’s perfect for a big family.

This Smart Speaker delivers rich sound so you can listen to all your playlists on platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

3. Google Nest Hub Max

This is one of Google’s most innovative devices yet. The Google Nest Hub Max with its Smart Display is the perfect device to stay connected to your home, here’s how. The Nest Hub Max is a multipurpose tablet device with a 10-inch screen that has an HD display and features the Google Assistant. With this tablet, you can make video calls and leave video messages, simply by voice command. What’s more, the tablet has a built-in camera called the Nest Cam; with that, you can easily check in on your home with a live video feed – think of it as an impromptu security camera.

It even sends alerts if any movement is detected by its motion sensor, and if you subscribe to Nest Aware, enjoy more features like daily video recording and facial recognition so you can get alerts whenever your daughter walks into the room.

Considering the Nest Hub Max features Google Assistant, it works similarly to the other Google voice assistant devices. It can be compatible with several other devices around the house, which can be controlled by voice commands. It also sets reminders, alerts, calendar updates for the entire family; and it can also run Google searches for which you would usually need to grab the laptop.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is to play music out loud while you clean the house, or to have Google dictate a recipe as you prepare dinner, Google’s Voice Assistants are the perfect addition to any household. For First Energy NJ customers, head on over to First Energy Home’s website and get one of these amazing devices – you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

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