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Thank you for being so interested in writing cognitive automation write for us and guest posting. So that is why we want to obtain relevant information about what is happening in the tech world.

Technologyford is not about news. So if you write helpful articles and ideas for us on cognitive automation write for us, and it can play an important role in promoting the business.

However, cognitive automation write for us is a platform where we can share your experience and ideas to be known all over the world.

We are always looking for aspiring writers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. So if you are on the list and want to be satisfied, contact us at

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Essential things we are looking for

We appreciate your sincere efforts. So it’s a good idea to find out what we expect from your guest posts.

Keep it unique

Avoid posting something that appears elsewhere. That’s why we take plagiarism very seriously.

Draft quality content

Conduct a thorough survey while preparing your blog post. So all the statistics and data charts can improve your post.

There is a better offer for guest posting

Offer practical advice and step-by-step guides to help readers find the right long-term solutions.

Avoid jargon and speak

Focus on your readers first and minimize technical buzzwords and vague comments.

Editorial guidelines

We adhere to specific editorial guidelines. So when creating the content, strictly follow the above rules.

What is the format of guest posts?

Follow some basic formatting to make your content clearer, easier to read, and easier to understand. That’s why we ask you:

Submit guest articles

We encourage you to write cognitive automation write for us. So please send us an email at However, our group members will review and post the article on the blog. So, after publication, you will receive an email with a link to the published article.

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However, send the article to

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Thank You.

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