With iOS 14, you can now change your default browser on your iPhone or iPad to Chrome. If you’re already using it on your computer, Chrome on iOS offers the same familiar, easy-to-use experience with a look and feel that feels like home on your iPhone or iPad. Here are four reasons you should try it, including some recently released features and some new ones available soon.

1. Your Chrome On Any Device

While Google Account sign-in, you can sync Chrome with your phone, tablet, or computer, so your passwords, payment details, autofill information, and bookmarks are automatically available across all of those devices. Also, there is no obligation to take out your credit card or enter your address to buy something on the go.

It also makes switching between devices very easy. You can send a tab to another signed-in device with just one click using its search bar for desktop or the share menu in Chrome for iOS. When you find a recipe on your computer, it’s easy to open your past tabs and open them on your phone to check the ingredients list as you shop.


2. Get Organized and be Productive

The tab grid in it for iOS already gives you an easy way to view and organize your tabs. You can save a check to your reading list for later reading even when you are offline. If you’d like to share one of these tabs with a friend quickly, Furthermore added the ability to generate a QR code that will take you straight to this website. We’re also adding a download manager, one of our most requested features, so that you have a downloads folder to store and search for files you’ve saved in it.

If you have an iPad, you can now drag and drop links from it to another app (and vice versa) in a split view. Besides a new feature going to add that will allow you to open multiple windows in it on the iPad so you can see two tabs simultaneously. Furthermore, it already supports using mice on iPadOS, and we’ll be adding support for Scribble integrations with Apple Pencil very soon for those who prefer to type rather than tap or tap.


3. Feel Safe Surfing the Internet

It protects your information, so you don’t have to be a security expert in feeling safe on the web. The integrated password manager generates unique passwords, stores them securely, and helps you identify and correct compromised passwords. For an extra layer of protection, you’ll soon be able to use your fingerprint to verify your identity when entering passwords in it. Also, the password manager can now automatically enter its credentials stored in other apps or browsers. Not only does it for iOS to help you document your passwords, but it also includes Google Safe Browsing, which notifies you with a warning before opening a potentially dangerous website.

4. The Chrome Browser with Integrated Google

Chrome-based on Google search at its core. This means you get answers quickly with personalized search results and instant responses that appear as you type. Google Translate also built into it, so you can automatically translate websites into 100+ languages with just one click. The articles for you section of the Chrome New Tab page has articles, stories, and blogs from across the web tailored to your interests.

To set Chrome as your default browser, you first need to make sure your iPhone or iPad runs iOS 14 and that you have Chrome installed. Then do the following:

  • Visit iPhone Settings, scroll down until you see “Chrome,” and tap on it.
  • Tap the “Default Browser App.”
  • Select “Chrome

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Review 4 Causes Chrome To Set As Your Default Browser On IOS.

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