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How To Access Your Computer Remotely Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Get remote support for your computer or provide remote support for others who use Chrome Remote Desktop. You can connect computers for remote access and, after connecting to a host system, view the screen, share files, and more.

Have you ever needed to access your PC remotely? Nowadays, we all have smartphones with us that we can use to manage our work. We can manage our work through Workflow app.

However, sometimes we need access to our PC or our laptops to perform specific tasks or tasks. So there could be several different reasons, such as helping your friends access files or technical questions. And what about these situations? How can you access the computer remotely? Besides, there are numerous applications that you can use to access remote computers. However, Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most popular apps that you can easily connect to other computers. This lesson shows you how to access your computer using Chrome Remote Desktop remotely.

Is it Safe?

Granting someone else remote access to your computer can seem risky. However, you don’t pose a risk when you do this with verified third-party applications. Chrome Remote Desktop is a highly secure application that requires a PIN to connect to or access another computer. This code will expire after a few minutes if not used. Once the code has used, the code will automatically expire when the current remote session ends. It is now clear that Chrome’s Remote Desktop Connection is secure. Let’s continue with this tutorial.

Access Your Computer Remotely with Chrome Remote Desktop

Before you can use Chrome Remote Desktop, you need to configure it correctly on both computers. The best feature is that this is a one-time setup only. From next time on, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop without having to configure it.

Step 1: Install Chrome Remote Desktop on both computers

Chrome Remote Desktop (1)



Note: You require to sign in to your Google Account. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create a new Google Account.

Step 2: Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop On Both Computers

You require to perform steps 1 and 2 on the computer. Once the extension installed and setup is complete on both computers, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Share Computer Access (Host) To Another Computer

If you want someone to manage your computer for technical assistance or other purposes remotely, you need to complete the following steps on the host computer (to which you wish to grant access).

  1. Switch to the Remote Support tab and click the GENERATE CODE button under “Request Support.”

  1. You will see a unique 12-digit code. Also, make sure to note down the 12 digits code safely as you need it later.
  2. Share the code above with the person you want to access your computer remotely.

Note: The 12-digit code generated above is only valid for 5 minutes. It then expires, and a new code generates.

Step 4: Remote Access To The Host Computer

To access the host computer remotely, do the following:

Note: On the host computer, the user will see an email address dialog box. He must select Share to allow a remote connection and give you access to his PC.


Hopefully, you find the steps above helpful to access your computer remotely through Chrome Remote Desktop. But still, if you have any queries about this lesson or class, please put your questions in the comment section.

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