Can You Cheat Online Slot Machines?

If you’re reading this article, it’s because the title is quite controversial. Maybe a better title should read “Should you cheat online slot machines?”

Obviously, cheating shouldn’t be condoned and doesn’t seem right in line with our British spirit of fair play. After all, it was the British that tried to make bingo-calling even fairer by making the caller’s job automated. Even picking random balls out of a bag just isn’t cricket. That’s why we invented the RNG (Random Number Generator).

Anyway, we’re avoiding the issue. Can you cheat online slot machines? When you consider that the house always wins, it’s surely not too bad an idea to tip the scales more in your favour, is it? After all, online casinos do seem to make quite tidy profits in general, and it’s nice to share the wealth. Read ahead or learn more about the best hand in Blackjack.

A brief evolution of cheating

You’ll know from having watched Spaghetti Westerns that cowboys playing cards in saloons were sometimes flexible with the rules. Obviously, cheating isn’t a new thing in gambling. As long as there have been people or machines willing to take our money, there have been people willing enough to take their money back, sometimes by any means possible.

Before online gambling existed, pre-1990s, people used to cheat in traditional casinos by inserting coins attached to a piece of string, playing the slot, before withdrawing the coin again at the end. Ingenious.

Others have tried using fake coins of a similar size and weight, as well as magnets to try and affect the way the old steel reels used to spin. The thing is, this wasn’t exactly cheating on your spelling test at school.

All of these methods of cheating would land you in hot water with the casino, as well as the local copper who would have likely escorted you from the premises.

Modern methods of cheating online slots machines

Technology, science, and medicine, as we all know, get more sophisticated over time. This is good news for people reliant on having complicated operations or flying to faraway destinations relatively quickly, but bad news if you’re looking to scam a recently developed gaming app.

We can be thankful that we can now get from London to Liverpool in less than five days on horseback, or that we don’t have leeches laid on us whenever we get a high temperature.

Technology waits for no man, and online gaming designers invest too much time and money into their products to then allow people to cheat them out of their revenue. Online gaming is a multi-billion Pound Sterling industry and there’s too much at stake for the designers and developers to not safeguard their sites.

Of course, online hackers can try to hack into a casino’s site and insert digital bugs, but malware shields freeze all the site’s accounts before any money can be accessed.

What’s more, hacking into an online site’s bank account will earn you more than a clip around the ear from the local policeman. You’re likely to go to jail for a very long time.

In all honesty, the only way to “cheat” the system is to sign up to lots of sites and scoop as many welcome promotions as you can. Online casinos give out bonuses and promotions like sweets on Halloween, and if you sign up to enough, you can play with free spins and other bonuses on lots of different online casinos!

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