When people think of fruit machines, it is probably rare that New Zealand comes into their minds straight away. However, New Zealand actually has a particularly thriving and professional fruit machine business that operates classy games both online and physically in places like clubs, bars, and, of course, the casino.

It is because the business of fruit machines in New Zealand is so productive and professional that it is incredibly difficult to differentiate what the best ones are. There are thousands of different fruit machines online and it is almost impossible to calculate how many in-person fruities there are to add on top of the number – also play Explosion Slots.

Fortunately for you, we have gone through as many fruit machines in New Zealand to bring you our favourites so that you can go to the best without having to try them all out yourself!

What is a Fruit Machine?

Before we get stuck in to which fruit machines in New Zealand are the best, it is important to clue all the young folk into what a fruit machine actually is. Not everyone was raised through the eighties and practically spent half their toddler life in either a bingo hall or a casino. So, for the younger people reading this who might not have any clue what a fruit machine is, here you go:

  • Fruit machines are the most classic form of a slot game. Where now there are many paylines, more than three reels, and a load of symbols that are illegible, the fruit machine just had three reels and a bunch of fruit on them.
  • Enter a coin, pull down the lever, and if three of the same piece of fruit line up then you have got yourself a winner.
  • The fruit machine is more commonly referred to as the fruity and since its more casual approach has been installed in pubs, bars, clubs, and hotels all across New Zealand, rather than before when they were simply only in casinos.
  • If you fancy a step back from the intensity of all the flashing lights, ridiculous storylines, and mental graphics of modern video slots, we encourage you to take a go on the classic fruit machines in New Zealand because they will be a chill and easy ride!

What are the Best Fruit Machines in New Zealand?

Now, onto the good stuff! We must preface this by saying that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to slot games. Some of you will prefer to play casino slots that are high risk and high reward, others will want the wackiest storylines that take you on an intergalactic adventure.

If you are after the simple fruit machine, however, here are our top three fruities in New Zealand:

  1. Barcrest Andy Capp Fruit Machine
  2. Bell Fruit Machine
  3. Down the Pub

While fruit machines in New Zealand will always follow the same, or similar, aesthetic guidelines, we can promise to you that these are certainly the best you could get!

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