8-minute timer to set the alarm for 8 minutes. So the online countdown timer will alert you in eight minutes.

However, to start the stopwatch, press the Start Stopwatch button. So you can pause and resume the timer by clicking the timer controls.

But when the timer expires, the timer starts blinking. In addition, this article briefs how to set the 8-minute timer easily. Please read till the end.

8-minute timer- What is a timer?

A timer is a clock that is used to measure intervals of time. So it is a device that counts down from a specific time interval and is used to create a time delay.

Set an 8-minute timer by using different types of timer

The following list is provided below to set a timer for 8 minutes or hours.


1. Online alarm clock to set an 8-minute timer or more


The online timer allows everyone to set the time; For example, quickly and easily put an 8-minute timer count down.

So whether you’re exercising, preparing food, or waiting for an important event, use a countdown timer, and you won’t miss the right moment.

However, a signal sounds every second to indicate that the time has come.

How does the online alarm clockwork?

The computer alarm clock has software to make the alarm clock sound at a specific time.

But most importantly, you don’t need to install anything other than set the alarm or set an 8-minute timer.

How to set an 8-minute timer online?

  • Enter the wakeup time.
  • Choose your alarm tone!
  • If you sleep late, you can optionally set the snooze function.
  • Click Set an alarm.

Does the online alarm also work if I close the tab?

No, the computer alarm doesn’t work when you close the tab. However, you can switch to another tab, and the alarm will work as long as you don’t close the tab.

Does the online alarm also work when the computer is in sleep mode?

No, the computer does not ring when it is in sleep mode. However, if you turn off the screen, the online alarm will play on some devices.

If you’re not sure whether your operating system will sound the alarm when the screen is off, it’s best to leave it on to avoid falling asleep.

Does the online alarm clockwork when the computer is off?

An online alarm clock or any other internet alarm clock works when the computer is off.

2. Use the timer to set an 8-minute timer

A timer helps you set a timer for hours, minutes, and more. So this is an easy way to keep track of time where every minute counts.

Perhaps you are cooking and need to follow the recipe strictly. Or maybe you play sports and the duration of the exercises or the time intervals between them are essential to you.

For example, set an online 8-minute timer, and you’ll never miss the right moment.

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What is an online timer?

The online timer is an easy-to-use computer timer with an alarm that sounds after a freely adjustable time (hours, minutes, seconds).

How do I set the timer online?

  • Set an 8-minute timer to count down.
  • Choose your preferred alarm tone
  • Click Start Timer.

How does the online timer work?

Once you set the timer, the online timer will count down from a specified time and sound an alarm when the set time is up.

Where can I use the timer online?

As long as the computer with an internet connection is by your side, you can use the online timer for any task.

For example, you can use the online timer with an alarm when preparing food, studying or teaching in the classroom.

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3. Set an 8-minute timer: what is the online stopwatch?

Online Stopwatch is an easy to use countdown timer that allows you to measure elapsed time in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. So it is often called a stopwatch.

How can the online stopwatch be used?

  • Push the start button to start the stopwatch
  • Press the pause button to display the elapsed time.
  • Press the Lap button to view lap times without resetting the elapsed time.

How does the online stopwatch work?

The online stopwatch measures the time difference between start and stop. So this digital clock records the time elapsed between activation and deactivation.

What is the online stopwatch for?

You can use the online stopwatch while studying or playing different sports like running or swimming. Since it can also be used as a full-screen timer, you can use it in the classroom or a meeting.

Does the online timer work when I close the tab?

No, the online timer doesn’t work when you close the tab.

Does the online stopwatch work in sleep mode?

No, the online stopwatch or other online tools will not work in sleep mode.


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